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Due to some graphic violence, viewer discretion is advised. Now I know they're tacking that on every episode.

Previously on 24: Bitchelle told Soul Patch that someone had evaded the lockdown at Inn Fection without ever knowing he'd been exposed. The man in question got a nosebleed. Saunders forced Palmer to order the death of Chappelle. Special Agent Charlie Brown tried and failed to nab Saunders before the 7:00 AM deadline. Kiefer asked Saunders why he was doing this, and Saunders told him he wouldn't understand. Kiefer brought Chappelle to a train yard and shot him point-blank in the melon. The following takes place between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM.

Kiefer stands over Chappelle's body, looking sad and wondering why his ex-boss's head is so intact. Sorry, Kiefer, it's network TV, and that viewer discretion warning will only let you get away with so much. No brain matter and skull fragments for you. There's not even much blood. Chappelle's definitely dead, though. The black van driven by Saunders's men pulls up, the passenger in the shotgun seat holding a pistol on Kiefer. Worst shotgun rider ever. Kiefer aims his own gun at the armed man. Shotgun gets out of the van, along with two other guys from the back. They're all dressed in black clothes and black ski masks, and so is the driver. Kiefer and Shotgun continue to hold their weapons on each other as the other two henchmen run a tricorder over Chappelle's body. "He's clean; there's no tracker," one announces. They're giving CTU credit for more intelligence than it has. Chappelle's body is bundled into the van. Paul Schulze's name is in the opening credits, by the way, even though he's only in this scene and one other and has no lines in either. Shotgun tells Kiefer that if he tries to follow the van, Saunders will release the V-I-R-U-S. The men in black pile into the van while Kiefer continues to hold his gun at the ready. I don't know why he's bothering; if I'm right about what happened at the end of the last episode, his gun is empty. Plus there are four of them and one of him, so if they decide they want to rock and roll, the odds are not stacked heavily in Kiefer's favor. The van screams off. Kiefer calls Brother Palmer to report. Brother Palmer just says, "Thanks, Jack," and hangs up. Kiefer manages to not blush in the face of Brother Palmer's effusiveness.

Palmer sits at his desk, apparently trying to see the future in its highly polished surface. Brother Palmer comes in to give him the news about Chappelle. Palmer is bummed. He tells Brother Palmer what happened and why -- entirely for our benefit, because Brother Palmer was the one who talked him into agreeing to Saunders's demand in the first place. But Palmer's had enough: "I will not cave in to any more of this terrorist's demands." Nice of him to sack up while Chappelle's skull is still bleeding. It's like, "Okay, I had one of our guys killed, but that's it. I mean it this time. I'm totally serious." Brother Palmer reminds him that Saunders is still calling the shots unless Palmer wants him to kill more people. Palmer thinks this over, and has a sudden brainwave: "Convene the Cabinet." Wow, things really are desperate if Palmer's ready to go so far as to consult his advisors.

At CTU, the techs have finished what Chappelle was working on, and have found out that Saunders has been transferring $10,000 a month to someone we never knew existed until now: his daughter, Jane Saunders. They've pulled her driver's license, and Spawn has an enlargement of Spawn of Saunders -- or, as we'll be calling her, "Spawnders" -- up on her screen. She seems to be marveling at the technology that makes this possible. I'm just wondering who cleans all the Wite-Out off of her monitor after she goes home every day. The photo of Spawnders shows a young woman who looks a tiny bit like Spawn, but with longer, brown hair and a pointier chin. This will be significant later. They've already learned that Spawnders is nineteen, and she lives and goes to college in Santa Barbara. Soul Patch gives the order to have the Santa Barbara police put on standby to pick her up. Just then, Kiefer calls with the news about Chappelle. He sounds a little weepy. Soul Patch tells Kiefer about Spawnders and how he was planning to have her picked up, but Kiefer puts the kibosh on that. Having someone to order around improves Kiefer's mood immediately. He figures Saunders has someone watching his daughter, so they're going to have to switch her with one of their agents to keep Saunders in the dark about what's going on. Ladies, doesn't Kiefer fill out those Bad Idea jeans nicely? Soul Patch points out that it's going to be tough to pull this off in the next half-hour (and where he got that deadline I'm not at all sure), but agrees. Soul Patch goes to Potato Face and has her do some search to find CTU agents who physically resemble Spawnders. Where could this possibly be going? Potato Face complains about having to actually work quickly here at the Counter Terrorism Unit, so Soul Patch tells her -- wait for it -- "just do it." There are a couple of words before and after that, but that's the message. That Potato Face. She's like a highly localized, walking Nike target demo. ["Nike makes vests?" -- Sars]

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