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Previously on 24: Saunders had the United States by the short and curlies, and he demanded the names of covert foreign agents. CTU discovered that Saunders has a daughter, and Kiefer wanted to question her. Spawn took the place of Spawnders so he could do just that. One of Saunders's minions tried to kidnap Spawn, but he missed the memo that said she ain't playing that anymore, and she shot him. The following takes place between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM.

At CTU, America's top counter-terrorism agents are stepping up and doing what it takes to protect the nation; namely, they're having a meeting. Adam the Woman Hater brings everyone down by highlighting a map of the quarantine areas that are currently occupying three per cent of the city, and warns that "If containment isn't total, it'll grow exponentially." Soul Patch takes the floor and gives a pep talk to his troops, some of whom have been working for twenty-four hours straight. Maybe he could have let some of them nap for a few hours during all of that Kyle Singer/Mexico nonsense. That's what I did. Soul Patch's volume builds until he gets to the money line: "The V-I-R-U-S is out!" He really sold that because he knew it would land him in this week's promo.

Back at UC-Santa Barbara, Kiefer walks slowly up to where Spawn is sitting on the curb, having traded one kind of wig for a different, mostly internalized one. She assures him she's fine, though. Kiefer confirms that Jew 'Fro Xander Harris is dead, and Spawn takes it pretty well. Just then Forrester notifies Kiefer that Spawnders has calmed down a bit from the verbal clubbing Kiefer gave her earlier, and she might be ready to talk. Before Kiefer heads off to the AV trailer, he gives Spawn a kiss on the top of the head. Does he do that with all of his agents after they kill someone? If so, it might explain why Saunders is so bitter these days. He misses his kisses.

Palmer is just finishing up a phone call in his office when Brother Palmer comes in and reports on the semi-muffed operation to grab Spawnders. Brother Palmer shares his interpretation that complying with Saunders's latest demand -- whose deadline is up in fifteen minutes, by the way --would be an act of treason. Palmer agrees, but points out that if he refuses, Saunders will release more of the V-I-R-U-S. Did these two switch sides? Palmer wants to see what Kiefer gets out of Spawnders before he commits to a course of action. That's why he's the president, you know. He knows how to make the tough decisions.

In the AV trailer, Kiefer releases Spawnders from the handcuffs securing her to her chair. Thousands of people change the channel. It's 8:04:34. Kiefer sits across the table from her and quietly lets her in on what just happened to the guy who was protecting her, although he leaves out the fact that it was his own daughter that did the capping. Now Kiefer goes all good cop. He realizes that everything she's being told about her father must be a lot to swallow, so he's put together a little multimedia presentation for her benefit. Lights, please!

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