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Bizarre Love Triangle
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Previously on 24: Kiefer rescued DaD and DoDder from the TerrorDome, which is sad for people who only get to see that excellent sequence during these previouslies. DoDder had recognized someone at the TerrorDome, but couldn't place him. DaD wanted DiCK to spill his guts. TerrorTeen found out that TerrorDad ordered his death, so he spilled Wahabist Wolf's brains. Driscoll brought the schizophrenic DrisKid to the CTU clinic. DoDder's soon-to-be-ex-husband Grayadder wanted to get back together, and looked thrown when she said she was "seeing someone" and introduced him to Kiefer. CTU found out that the bad guys were in possession of a nuclear reactor remote control from MacGuffin Factories, and AIIIEEEE!sha reported CTU's clued-in-ness to someone over the phone. The following takes place between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM.

Kiefer approaches DoDder, who's still at the CTU computer where he left her. He spent the previouslies on the phone with the private security company that has the tapes of the event where DoDder first met TerrorGringo, but since it's on a "closed system," Kiefer has to fetch the tapes for DoDder to view, because TerrorGringo is their "only lead." And Keifer is L.A.'s only licensed driver, I guess. They can't have the tapes couriered over? By commuter train or something? Meanwhile, DoDder is having the guest list emailed to her. She wonders why Kiefer seems to be in such a big fat hurry, and he tells her that her kidnapping was a diversion. Flattering. He explains about the MacGuffin and how it's being used for a remote attack on 104 nuclear power plants. And it looks like the terrorists aren't even threatening to melt down 104 cores unless certain demands are met; they're already working on it. Those guys don't fuck around. As he lays this all out for DoDder and the new viewers, DoDder walks with Kiefer to the checkout counter, where he picks up a "full tactical." That's a silver briefcase, in case you were wondering what tactical looks like when it's a noun. DoDder wants to go to the security company with Kiefer to save time. He doesn't want to put her at risk again, but he reluctantly sees her point.

Curtis is holding a briefing whose centerpiece is a map of the continental United States, with its 104 nuclear reactors represented by red blips. DaD is in on the briefing, and now that he's got some stubble to go with his preexisting sartorial and tonsorial disarray, he's looking like he just woke up from a three-day bender during the closing credits of Trading Spouses. With an assist from Lispy Skip, Curtis explains how 104 meltdowns will be very very bad. At a conservative estimate, a minimum of 75,000 people near each plant will be heavily dosed with radiation and die within two days. I don't think they're accounting for the areas with plants clustered close together. After all, you could be near two or three nukes and you'll still only croak once. But Curtis figures 7.8 million will be lethally microwaved, with the added bonus that the area within thirty miles of each plant will be uninhabitable for at least five years. Not sure why all of the terrorists want to hang around for that, but then they always do on this show, don't they? AIIIEEEE!sha asks about the plants' fail-safe systems, but apparently the MacGuffin has already deactivated them. How conveeenient. So the big question is how much time they have left. Curtis estimates three hours from now, during February sweeps. Driscoll gives everyone their marching orders and the meeting breaks up.

Speaking of things that need to break up, Kiefer shows up to announce to Driscoll that he and DoDder are leaving. DaD isn't happy to hear it, but DoDder and Kiefer explain. Again. DaD threatens Kiefer that if anything happens to DoDder, he'll hold Kiefer responsible. I'd love to see that employee review form: "Areas of success: Saved supervisor's life in a daring solo rescue operation. Areas for development: Stop getting supervisor's kids killed." Kiefer and DoDder head for the door, as Kiefer explains that the security company is "Not far. Burbank." Ah, another clue in my ongoing CTU triangulation project! More on that later. They're abruptly waylaid by a distinctive call of "Orrdrey!" Grayadder wants to talk to her while Kiefer "get[s] the Jeep set up." That apparently involves ordering a neckless, trapezoid-headed agent to meet them in the motor pool with his four-man team and a "weapons package." Not that any of those things will do anyone any good. It's 1:05:57. Kiefer looks at his watch, then across the floor at DoDder and Grayadder.

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