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Previously on 24: DaD and DoDder tried to escape, and suffered dire consequences in the form of yet another threat on DoDder's life. Kiefer held up the Velveteen-Voiced Hostile by holding up the gas station he was at. Potato Face asked Lispy Skip for help (and she gets her own little freeze-frame with her name next to it this week, which I think is a first). AIIIEEEE!sha overheard their conversation and planned to blackmail Skip as soon as she could think of something she wanted from him. Potato Face got busted messing with satellites (and she gets her "Whatever, I was going to quit anyway" line replayed over the "Counter Terrorist Unit" freeze-frame. She's so out of here). Kiefer promised Driscoll that VVH was going to lead them to DaD, and then Kiefer got nabbed by the cops. Probably something to do with that holdup he staged. The following takes place between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM.

At CTU, Driscoll asks if the satellite is still tracking VVH, roughly four minutes after she gave the order to do just that. Needless to say, it is. Driscoll asks Curtis to pull together tactical teams. As Curtis moves to do so, AIIIEEEE!sha offers to do it herself. Curtis neutrally explains that the task "requires a level-three channel. You don't have that kind of clearance." A normal person wouldn't take that personally, especially during her second hour on the job. AIIIEEEE!sha, on the other hand, sits there blinking like she's been slapped. Which, I wish.

Special Agent Breck notifies Driscoll that someone from the Sheriff's Department is on the line. "He says it's important," she adds, which is always enough to get the head of CTU on the line right away. Seriously, it is. ["And -- does anyone call Driscoll, like, just to ask for a recipe or something? She's the head of CTU; it's always important. Shut up, show." -- Sars] In this case, it actually is important, as we see the police sergeant calling from the road where Kiefer was collared. Kiefer, incidentally, has found himself living the opening passages of a particularly lurid fanfic; he's handcuffed and bent over the hood of a police car. The cop explains about Kiefer's holdup and his claim that it was part of a CTU operation. Driscoll is apparently being written by people who like her this week, so she quickly backs Kiefer's story, even the part that's clearly news to her. "It might be nice if you communicated with us a little better," the cop remarks laconically. Driscoll makes noises about national security and apologizes before asking to talk to Kiefer. And just like that, Kiefer's free. Driscoll brings Kiefer up to speed about how they're currently tracking VVH and they know he's headed to the TerrorDome. Kiefer doesn't waste time with an "I told you so" -- not when he can demand to be put in charge of the ground operation instead. Driscoll glances at Curtis, who is listening in on the call. "That's the right move," Curtis says. Driscoll makes an "I remember when I was the boss" face and agrees, although Kiefer is still supposed to "coordinate" through her. Kiefer gives the cop his cell phone back so that Driscoll can tell the sergeant that the guy whose face he was just frying like an omelet on the hood of a police cruiser is now in charge. Kiefer asks to have any APBs on VVH's stolen Screaming Yellow Pickup cancelled, and to have somebody bring his Kiefmobile from the gas station where he left it. Hope he left the keys in it.

VVH decides it's time to make another phone call to home base, less than ten minutes after his last one. That raises a flag on Lispy Skip's computer, and Driscoll orders him to patch it through to Kiefer so he can listen in with everyone else. You'll recall that they didn't even have Kiefer's number last episode, but maybe they hit "redial" on Potato Face's phone during the previouslies or something. As Kiefer listens in, VVH has basically the same conversation with Poor Man's Robert Davi that they had at the end of the last episode. But this time VVH remembers to ask if DaD signed the confession. Poor Man's Robert Davi replies in the affirmative, even though DaD didn't want to and that they "used his daughter." Kiefer does that thing where he switches his phone to the other ear so we know he's listening more intently. "Did you kill her?" VVH asks. PMRD waits for the camera to zoom in on Kiefer. "Not yet," he finally says. Good work. You guys are all mysterious and shit until the authorities are listening, and then your lips start flapping like you're in one of those skydiving simulators. Kiefer stresses at the cop about where his Kiefmobile is. Sure enough, it pulls up with a deputy behind the wheel, less than a minute and a half after Kiefer asked for it. Being out in the sticks has advantages sometimes. And Kiefer's off. It's 11:06:06.

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