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Together Again
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You know, there actually is a nuclear power plant on the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin, but it's quite a bit further south than CTU's map indicates. It's just a couple of miles from a big Native American casino, in fact. I was in one of that casino's hotel rooms once, and on the table was a card explaining what guests should do in the event of an meltdown up the road. Not the most "relax and make yourself at home" message I could have imagined.

Previously on 24: The TerrorFamily spent all their time running from/squealing on/accusing/threatening/trying to save/shooting/ditching each other. Lispy Skip hacked into the MacGuffin and shut down all but six of the nation's nuclear reactors. AIIIEEEE!sha told TerrorGringo where Kiefer and DoDder were, and he told her to divert suspicion (she gets a freeze-frame, by the way, so she's in trouble). Kiefer explained to DoDder about the MacGuffin, and about how TerrorGringo was their only lead. She found TerrorGringo on archived security footage, but Kiefer realized there was a mole at CTU when hit men came to take them out. And they would have succeeded, too, if it hadn't been for that meddling Soul Patch. The following takes place between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

Driscoll and Curtis pedeconference through CTU as Curtis confirms that the remaining six plants aren't just taking longer to shut down. Although it would have been funny to have a big cliffhanger ending one week and come back the next all, "Oh, it's fine after all. Never mind." It seems the MacGuffin has total control over them. Which is confusing to me, because I thought Skip had gained control of the MacGuffin, but whatever. It's not like the same person writes every episode. I hope. I'm also starting to have trouble believing that the reactor crews can't manually regain control of their plants from someone who's operating them by remote control. At least start unplugging T1 lines or send in a couple of guys in to hose down the core instead of just sitting there waiting to get cooked. DaD joins Curtis and Driscoll and they discuss evacuation procedures on their way into the conference room, where they're taking a meeting with the President of the United States of Exposition. DaD explains to Keeler (still aloft, in case you're wondering) that six of the nuclear plants can't be shut down, which means they could be looking at six nuclear disasters. Keeler asks for casualty estimates, taking a moment to remember the phrase "melt down." Must be jetlag. Curtis has no good news for him; just big numbers. Keeler asks why they could shut down 98 plants but not the other six. Ingrate. Driscoll explains that the other six are being controlled by the terrorists, using the MacGuffin. She also remembers to mention that since the MacGuffin is a prototype, it's the only one in the world. Glad someone thought to plug that plot hole before I spotted it. Doesn't explain why the prototype works so perfectly, though. "All right, then, let's find [the MacGuffin]," Keeler says. He adds that he's going to order the evacuation of the six cities, and disconnects, presumably so he can tell his pilot to start flying really low and keep an eye out for the MacGuffin: "Colonel, it's about yay big and it's -- look out for that light pole!"

As the meeting ends, DaD's cell phone rings. It's Kiefer, asking that DaD not let anyone know it's him. "HELLO, SOMEONE OTHER THAN KIEFER," DaD says, and excuses himself. Out in what passes for a quiet spot at CTU, he asks Kiefer what's going on. Kiefer, sitting in the back seat of the Patchmobile behind a quietly weepy DoDder, wisely opens with the news that he and DoDder are safe, but since someone came after them at Felsted Security, Kiefer thinks that someone at CTU is leaking info. DaD wants to send a Secret Service detail to pick up Kiefer and DoDder, but Kiefer doesn't want anyone to know where they are. Even people whose first name is "Secret"? Now that's paranoid. Kiefer says he wants DaD to try something that has to do with a "Melbourne situation." DaD agrees and hangs up.

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