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I don't know why that graphic violence warning comes on after American Idol. Around my house, that's a little bass-ackwards.

Previously on 24: TerrorDad holed up in a hospital laundry room so he could scream at his son. ImhoTerror told TerrorDad that melting down the nuclear power plants would take another one to two hours. And then Kiefer arrested TerrorDad. And then TerrorTeen killed TerrorDad. It was a pretty rough fifteen minutes for TerrorDad overall. Kiefer said he wanted Soul Patch to head up the interrogation of TerrorMom (and the "Counter Terrorist Unit" freeze frame this week features Soul Patch, which is odd). Kiefer said he could get Soul Patch reinstated, and Driscoll agreed. Curtis and AIIIEEEE!sha walked into an office building, where she got shot and he got knocked upside the melon. Kiefer found a connection between the TerrorHideout and Grayadder, so DoDder decided to go hang out with her husband for a while. Until Kiefer busted into the room with a minimum amount of finesse. The following takes place between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

There's now a riot-geared CTU guard posted outside Grayadder's hotel room, presumably to calm any other guests who might come along to investigate the screams that are about to come from this area. Kiefer's just finishing tying a still-unconscious Grayadder to a chair. He walks over to where DoDder is sitting and asks her to leave the room while he "questions" her husband. "I'm staying," she says. Kiefer looks disappointed, but he says, "Fine." Kiefer's not often stupid, but when he is, he's really stupid. He gets to work. He walks over to Grayadder and rips his shirt open, then goes into the bathroom to grab a big ol' sponge, which he dips into the ice bucket (order champagne for my girlfriend, will you?) and wrings out over Grayadder's head and upper body. Despite all this, Grayadder isn't even remotely turned on when he wakes up. In fact, he's got nothing to say at all. He tells Kiefer as much. Kiefer tells Grayadder that since his name is on the lease of the TerrorHideout, Grayadder is a "prime suspect" and he's going to treat him like one. Grayadder sputters that his name is on fifty different leases as the owner of ten different corporations and he has no idea what building Kiefer's talking about. Kiefer doesn't believe him: "You need to start talking to me now." Kiefer's really not doing a very good job of pretending he's not enjoying this. Grayadder repeats that he's got nothing to say. Kiefer half-smirks at him for a second, then crosses the room to yank the electrical cord out of a table lamp. DoDder scampers over to try to reason with Kiefer, but he doesn't "have time to do this any other way." Or the inclination, if my suspicions are correct. I think back to that "threatening" "glare" that Grayadder gave Kiefer a few hours ago and wonder if he wishes he could take it back.

Kiefer returns to Grayadder and asks about the TerrorHideout again. DoDder tries to speak up, but gets a forceful verbal smackdown from Kiefer: "If you have to step outside of this room, do it." She starts to do just that, but turns back when Kiefer strikes a couple of sparks off the live electrical leads he's holding. Grayadder nervously says, "You're bluffing." Which is a stupid thing to say, because now Kiefer has to prove he isn't. Which he does by using Grayadder's damp chest to complete the electrical circuit. Grayadder screams and does a full-body clench. Also, I give DoDder a lot of shit, but I have to say that Kim Raver does "horrified" really, really well. Kiefer asks Grayadder again, but his victim is too grayaddled to do more than give DoDder a pleading look. "Kiefer, please don't," she whispers, so of course Grayadder gets another jolt. Kiefer moves to Grayadder's side to threaten his face with the wires, but he's had enough. He doesn't know the building off the top of his head, but since his business records are stored on his laptop, he can look it up to find out if he really does own the building. "Maybe there's someone else involved that I don't know about," he gibbers. Kiefer continues to threaten Grayadder for a few more long seconds before backing off, much to the relief of everyone else in the room. He unplugs the incredibly dangerous makeshift torture device, using the safe and proper technique of pulling it out by the plug rather than the cord, because God forbid anyone should get hurt. He tells Grayadder, "You want me to believe that you're not involved in this? You better show me who is." That doesn't even make sense. As he starts to untie Grayadder, he notices that DoDder is looking at him in a way that strongly indicates she doesn't like the side of him that she just saw. He looks back at her as if he almost gives a shit. See, this is one of the reasons I think it's a bad idea for our government to get into torturing people. It becomes more and more okay, and eventually you have people doing it basically because they feel like it. Not that Kiefer is ever likely to suffer repercussions from this. His repercussions tend to come between seasons, or during the last five minutes thereof. I wish I could say I was appalled by Kiefer's behavior here, but there's been so much torture on the show already this season -- most of it perpetrated by the "good guys" -- that it's just boring. And that appalls me. And you know what else? That lamp Kiefer ruined is going to go on Grayadder's hotel bill.

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