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Previously on 24: Way previously, in fact, because what I'm about to recap before we get to the final hour is a sort of prequel that was included on the Season Three DVD as a preview for Season Four. It'll never be shown on network TV, so unless you have access to the DVD I'm your only way of finding out what happens in the preview. No need to thank me; cash will suffice. Here goes:

The promo begins the same way that Season Three ended; Kiefer gets into his CTUmobile and starts crying like an asshole. Although the screen fades to black before he really gets going this time.

And then we get a title card in yellow 24 font over a black screen: "Three Months Later." Driscoll (remember her?) sits behind her desk in the DrisCube, reading some report or other. Looks like she's had a hot oil recently, so it's not like she didn't know about them when Season Four started. Kiefer enters the DrisCube in his casual clothes and says, "You wanted to see me?" Driscoll invites him to have a seat. He does. She makes him wait while she finishes what she's reading, which would be kind of an asshole move even if she weren't going to do what she's about to do. Finally, she comes around the desk to sit in the chair across from him. He asks how she's settling in. She says it'll take some time, but change always does. Foreshadowing! Kiefer says to let him know if there's anything he can do. She doesn't say, "Leave and never come back," but she's not far off. "I'm removing you as head of field ops," she Band-Aid-rips. Kiefer's confused, and none too happy. "I don't understand," he says. "Where do you want me to go?" "That's up to you," she says. Cold! She continues, "I've decided you're a liability that I don't want to carry." Yes, Driscoll's carrying Kiefer. That sounds plausible. Kiefer would like her to explain how he's a liability. She says, "I can look past all the off-book behavior that's been documented over the last five years, even though it's been substantial. But the fact that you were addicted to heroin? I can't get past that." Kiefer holds his temper, saying, "I incurred that habit in the line of duty. I was maintaining my cover. I came clean about it. And I haven't touched anything since I entered the program." Driscoll commends him for that, "but it's still a vulnerability. And in my judgement, that vulnerability will hurt your performance." She says she doesn't tolerate any weaknesses. Which doesn't explain why Potato Face gets to stay, but whatever. Kiefer nods and says he can understand, and he rises to walk out. Driscoll says she can help him get a new position. He stops at the door, turns, and deliberately says, "I can find my own fucking job, Erin. Thank you." And he's out.

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