Day 4: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

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You know how Fox's promo department spent the whole week trying to convince you that Kiefer was going to die this week? I hope it won't ruin the suspense for you too much if I tell you straight off: not so much.

Previously on 24: Grayadder took a bullet for Kiefer, who said to DoDder, "It happened so fast, he was hit before I could do anything." Except he didn't say that last week. These previouslies lie! DoDder was afraid for her husband's life, and Kiefer felt just awful about it. He convinced TerrorMom to join him undercover to approach TerrorProf. ImhoTerror saw through the clever ruse and ended up taking Kiefer prisoner. "You've caused me a lot of trouble, Mr. Bauer," ImhoTerror said, except he didn't address Kiefer by name last week. Don't trust these previouslies, people. TerrorMom failed the oldest loyalty test in the book when she tried to shoot ImhoTerror instead of Kiefer with an empty gun, and she took a couple of slugs for her trouble while Kiefer was hauled away. Poor Man's Eric Stoltz, working for ImhoTerror, kidnapped, murdered, and impersonated an Air Force pilot and walked into a hangar containing an actual fighter plane. The following takes place between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM.

At CTU, the search for Kiefer is still in full swing. Potato Face notifies Bitchelle that the white van from last week has already turned up abandoned. That was quick. What did the terrorists do, park it at the police station and set fire to it? Furthermore, TerrorMom's body is inside it. I guess that answers that question. Man, what a pisser that the arc of one of this season's most interesting characters ended so unceremoniously. What makes it even more disappointing is all the interviews that Shohreh Aghdashloo did, saying that she broke her own moratorium on playing terrorists because she knew how things ended for the character, and all that stuff about how "things aren't always what they seem." Yeah, TerrorMom seemed smart until her last minute alive. Bitchelle, like me, rolls her eyes. Then she barks out a couple of orders before making an announcement to the floor at large: Kiefer's missing, presumed held by ImhoTerror, who's almost certainly planning another attack, and therefore everyone needs to work together to find "him." Coordinate with Lispy Skip. I don't know why they just don't run the previouslies on the CTU big screen at the top of every hour. Oh, wait, yes I do. Because they LIE.

In the back of a black van traveling down the road, Kiefer regains consciousness. Don't know when he lost it. Maybe he decided to grab a catnap during the ten minutes of previouslies. In any case, if he's been out of it, it might explain what he says to TerrorTeen later on. ImhoTerror's cell phone rings. Before answering it, he glances back at Kiefer, who quickly plays possum.

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