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I Got Your Gas Right Here
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The previouslies and I would like you to know that the terrorist formerly known as Yellow Tie -- who ditched his yellow tie three episodes ago -- will henceforth be known as Ivan Erwich. That is all.

Oh, except for the episode. There's that, I suppose. After the previouslies, we're at Not Camp David with Kiefer, President Logan, and a few Secret Service agents, including Aaron. Walt is also there where we left him, handcuffed and sitting at the conference table while Logan stands over him. Except somebody has thoughtfully undone Walt's top shirt button during the last couple of minutes. Just because Kiefer thumped him silly fifteen minutes ago is no reason to be inconsiderate. Speaking of Kiefer, he's pacing the floor on the other side of the conference table, just waiting for Walt to give him an excuse to start another beatdown. Walt, quite in tune with this dynamic, is being quite forthcoming. As he explains to Logan, he was approached six months ago by The Man, who we now learn is a former CIA agent named James Nathanson. I'm still calling him The Man, so as to avoid confusion. Walt says The Man was "recruiting like-minded individuals for this initiative." So The Man was in on Walt's real agenda. Good to know. Walt reminds Logan, Kiefer, and the viewers that the plan was to release the gas remotely via satellite once it reached the terrorists' base in "Central Asia." Logan is tending to be a little more results-oriented, however, angrily yelling, "You got into bed with these people and now they're threatening to use the gas on American citizens!" Walt acts all wounded and defensive at the implication that this was his plan all along. "What the hell was your goal, Walt?" Logan demands. "Explain it to me." Forgotten already, have we? Unless this is Logan trying to look like a tough guy for Kiefer's benefit. Logan should know by now that Kiefer sets the bar pretty high if he's going to try to be "bad cop." Walt repeats his rationale, but it's starting to seem a little fuzzy even to him. Initially bad ideas that go even further south in the execution are like that sometimes.

Before we can get very far into that, though, Chloe gets patched in from CTU to say that she's set up a phone trace to locate The Man. Kiefer instructs Chloe to dial The Man's number, and tells Walt to keep The Man on the line until the trace is completed. But Chloe quickly discovers that the line has been disconnected. Walt realizes that The Man has "gone dark." Wow, who is The Man's phone company? Because that's service, right there. "Nathanson can't help you, and neither can I," Walt says. "These terrorists are operating on their own." Kiefer gazes into Walt's warped, misguided soul for a long moment and tells Logan that he believes him. Logan tells Aaron to get Walt out of there, and the Secret Service leads the Chief of Staff out of the room to the strains of the tragic "Character's Final Scene" theme. Walt actually still has one scene left, although he doesn't do much in it.

Without waiting to be dismissed, Kiefer starts to head for the other exit. Wow, he never would have dissed Palmer like that. Logan stops him, asking what he should do now. "I need to be debriefed," Kiefer says, although knowing the President, that's probably far more true of Logan after the morning he's had. Kiefer says CTU can take it from here. Uh, what? Not twenty minutes ago, he said he wanted to see this through. But now he hits one obstacle and decides he wants to take his ball and go home? He must really hate being around Logan. But the explanation he gives is that and he wants to disappear before his daughter finds out he's alive. Can't blame him there. "In fairness to her," he clarifies. Oh, right, sure, that too. Logan begs Kiefer to stick around, admitting, "You and I have a complicated history." Kiefer looks away awkwardly as Logan goes on to say that he knows Kiefer must still be motivated by some respect for the President's office and love of country. He makes a personal appeal, promising all the access and support Kiefer needs. He doesn't specifically say he won't order Kiefer's arrest in the middle of a sensitive operation, but I think it's kind of implied. Kiefer turns and looks thoughtfully at the nearest video monitor, which is still displaying a freeze-frame of Erwich, back when he was still wearing his yellow tie and was thus still Yellow Tie. Gosh, I hope this isn't too confusing. Let's hope Kiefer brings him in before we lose all track of who the guy is.

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