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Well, folks, this recap represents a milestone. It's the one-hundredth episode of 24, which means that there are officially enough episodes for the show to go into syndication. Soon, it'll be all over the double-digit cable channels. Even more than it already has been, I mean. It's a little embarrassing for me, because I'm on record as having predicted that the novelty would wear off early in the second season, just like it did with Murder One. So the lesson here is that all of my predictions are wrong. That said, I predict that this season is going to suck. Hey, it's worth a try.

On to the episode. After the rescue operation had to be aborted last hour, Buchanan is now responding by taking decisive action. Specifically, he's called a meeting of every speaking role in CTU, as well as, remotely, Curtis. Cringe, terrorists! You cannot defeat Buchanan's meeting-fu! Our guys still can't get back in touch with Kiefer after their transmission was abruptly cut off. Audrey wonders if Kiefer went dark on purpose, but Curtis doesn't think so, since their call ended mid-sentence. That doesn't necessarily mean anything; it's how I got away with ditching annoying people when I worked at a call center. Buchanan says they're going to have to proceed without Kiefer. Chloe points out that writing Kiefer out of the plan reduces the likelihood of success to less than twenty percent. Buchanan basically says that if they don't try at all, the likelihood of success is zero percent. Which would be lower. Even Chloe can't argue with that math.

At the airport, Kiefer is divested of his cell phone, which a minion hands over to Beresch. Beresch asks Kiefer what CTU's plan is. When Kiefer hesitates, Beresch ominously reminds him that he knows Kiefer cares about Derek, which is why Kiefer surrendered in the first place (the question of why Kiefer cares about Derek remains an open one). Kiefer folds, saying that the plan is for CTU to storm the north entrance of the terminal on his command. Beresch is so grateful for Kiefer's help that he doesn't kill Derek. I wonder if he knows that Kiefer is the one who blew up one of his guys last hour. I mean, we know that Walt told The Man, but we don't know if The Man told Beresch. In any case, since Derek's off the table, Beresch calls for another hostage to grease. Kiefer urgently tells Beresch that this isn't going to work, since the U.S. doesn't negotiate with terrorists, but Beresch figures that a wuss like President Logan will give up on his plan to sign the anti-terrorism treaty after another hostage-killing or two on live TV. Meanwhile, a minion is hauling another hostage to his feet, a guy in a dark suit and a yellow tie. "Not him," Beresch calls. Hmm. Maybe Beresch has his eye on that sunny cravat for himself and doesn't want to get brain matter on it. A younger man in an old army jacket is picked out instead. Kiefer urges Beresch to hold off a while longer, but he is ignored as Army Jacket Guy is dragged across the concourse and forced to his knees in front of the terrorists' video camera.

At Not Camp David, Logan is wondering why CTU hasn't made its move yet. Novick says that since CTU lost contact with Kiefer, they have to come up with a new assault plan. Before Logan can react to that, they get word that Beresch is back on the air, so they turn on the tube. On the screen, Beresch says from behind his ski mask that they haven't heard from the U.S. government in regard to his demand to repudiate the anti-terrorism treaty. "This is the cost of that silence," he intones, and shoots Army Jacket Guy in the melon. Derek is now a big, wobbling pile of survivor guilt. Before ending the transmission, Beresch says, "If you sign this corrupt document, understand that you will also be staining it with the blood of the remaining hostages." For a terrorist thug, he's not without rhetorical flair.

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