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Cry, Wolf
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Before we get started, I just have to clear something up. In the first recap of the season, I mentioned that Kiefer was rocking a "greasy brown mullet" in the DVD prequel, and never said anything different when he turned up in the season premiere. So at this time, I'd just like to assure our readers who aren't actually seeing the show that Kiefer's hair this season is perfectly presentable. It's so short all over that it almost looks brown, and occasionally you can catch a glimpse of where his bald spot's going to be before too long. I realize this isn't all that vital a piece of information, but it's just that, if you're reading this someplace where the season hasn't begun yet, I didn't want you thinking that Kiefer was still running around looking like the dissolute uncle of his own character in The Lost Boys. Now, on with the show.

Yellow Tie and the Yellowtones have been busy during the previouslies. They're loading the Thermoses of Death -- which have the biohazard symbol stamped on the side as well as on the top -- into much smaller crates next to a panel truck parked inside the hangar. It's a lot like the truck Beresch blew up a couple of hours ago, but in addition to not being blown up yet, this one's blue and it's got a catering decal stuck t-- wait, two of the guys are peeling it off to reveal a S.W.A.T team stencil on the side. Sneaky terrorists. That should be illegal. Yellow Tie and Leather Jacket load the crates and themselves into the back of the truck, while the other two guys don S.W.A.T. jackets and caps and hop in the front. Impersonating law enforcement should also be illegal, I think. And stealing biochemical agents should definitely be illegal. Or maybe that's just me that thinks that. In any case, they all drive out into daylight.

Kiefer's riding in the back of a CTUmobile with two agents in the front. The female agent in the shotgun seat apologizes for having to bring Kiefer in, and marvels at his ability to stay invisible for a year and a half. Kiefer says he wasn't invisible enough. I blame the mullet. The chick agent answers her ringing cell phone; it's Curtis, for Kiefer. He asks Kiefer for the most likely exit that Yellow Tie would have used during the distraction of the firefight at the end of the last episode, and Kiefer tells him. Curtis relays that info to the AV guy who's hooked in to the airport terminal's surveillance cameras, and has him pull up the footage from the relevant place and time.

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