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Danger Deposit Box
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Martial law is still in effect, as we can see by the military vehicles blocking a roadway, and as we can hear by the radio news broadcast reminding everyone that a curfew is in effect. Wayne Palmer drives a car that he got I know not where, with Evelyn and Kiefer in the back and Evelyn's daughter Amy riding shotgun. Kiefer is trying to get Evelyn to talk through the pain and tell him what she did with the evidence we spent all of last hour talking about. Apparently it's in the form of a recording of a phone conversation between Henderson and President Logan. Because, sure, the First Lady's senior assistant has time to be going around making secret phone recordings at work. She's already told him it's in a safety deposit box, but now he needs her to tell him which bank. She tells him the name of the bank, and that the key is in her coat pocket. Applying pressure to the fresh bullet wound in Evelyn's leg, Kiefer assures Amy that her mom's going to be all right. Wayne says they need to get off the road before a military patrol spots them, so Kiefer tells Wayne to pull into a motel ahead on the right. Wayne parks in the lot of what is totally not a Super 8, and Kiefer sends him in to get them a room while he stays and keeps watch. Except Wayne's barely inside the lobby before Kiefer says, "I'll be right back," and hops out of the car. I don't think that's so much "keeping watch" as "taking leave."

Out in the parking lot, he pulls out his cell phone and calls Audrey at CTU, who has to tell him that Chloe wasn't able to track Henderson on satellite. After making sure Audrey's on a secure line, Kiefer breaks the news to her that Evelyn pointed the finger not at Vice President Gardner, but at President Logan. Audrey's shocked, but Kiefer insists that Evelyn says Logan was behind everything that happened today, "including providing the terrorists with nerve gas. That's what David Palmer found out. That's why they killed him." Ah, so this entire thing, the very harebrained scheme that Logan yelled at Walt about, was actually Logan's idea? Hmmm, how can I best express my reaction to this revelation? Let's see...ah...NO. Not buying it. Keeping my money in my pocket. Pull the other one, show. Kiefer again exposits that Evelyn recorded a conversation between Henderson and Logan implicating the latter in Palmer's death, and he's on his way to get that recording now. Audrey reminds Kiefer of the whole martial law thing, but Kiefer knows a way around that: he wants Audrey to upload all the military checkpoints to his PDA so he can avoid them. He also lets her know that once they have the evidence, they're going to have to involve her dad, since they'll need someone credible inside the government to present it. As you recall from last season, Audrey's dad was President Keeler's Secretary of Defense, and continues in that post under Logan. For the moment, at least. Audrey says her dad's on his way back from a summit in Japan (a direct flight from Mt. Fuji?), but she'll call him on the plane. Kiefer tells her to leave CTU beforehand, since they really can't trust anyone; aside from the fact that CTU isn't even really CTU anymore, Logan is in charge of every military and law enforcement agency, and will send out all of them, from the Marines to the USDA, to try to stop Kiefer. They hang up.

Wayne comes back out into the parking lot at 11:05:12, having completed the fastest room registration ever. Not only that, but when he finds Kiefer in the parking lot, he reports that he's also found the bank manager's name and address and determined that it's not far away. I want Wayne as my Amazing Race partner. Kiefer and Wayne quickly get Evelyn and Amy inside the motel room. Kiefer parks Evelyn on the bed, and sends Wayne outside with Amy while he examines the wound and apologizes for not being able to take Evelyn to a hospital yet. The wound needs cleaning, he says, and as soon as he's done with that he'll leave Wayne to take care of her. But Evelyn tells him he needs to get the evidence, and he'll need help. How she knows that is beyond me, but since Wayne has recently and surprisingly proven himself useful, I'll let it slide. Kiefer asks if she's sure. When she agrees, he plops the bloody rag back on her leg and heads out the door before she can change her mind. On his way out, he sends Amy back in to take care of her shot-up mom her own damn self, and then he and Wayne are outie. Enjoy the continental breakfast, ladies.

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