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Tale of the Tape
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We open with what is becoming an hourly reminder that martial law is still in effect. This one is in the form of a local TV news broadcast that Logan's watching by himself in the Not Camp David Situation Room. Logan checks his watch as the newscaster says that even though the threat is supposedly over, "the President is defending his decision as a necessary precaution." No he's not; he's just standing there. At least until his cell phone rings. It's Henderson, calling to report that Kiefer has escaped from the bank with the recording of their earlier conversation. "That evidence directly implicates me in David Palmer's death," Logan previouslys. Henderson isn't worried, though; he says that since CTU is heading up the search for Kiefer in a locked-down city, all Logan has to do when they find him is call Henderson so he can "intercept." Logan just hangs up, so abruptly that even Henderson is taken aback. And considering that nobody ever says "goodbye" on this show, that's pretty abrupt indeed. But then Logan goes to his desk phone and tells his receptionist to get him on the line with Karen Hayes at CTU.

Hayes is currently being briefed by Slime on their search for Audrey, and it's only now occurred to her that they might be wasting their time trying to find someone who won't even lead them to Kiefer. What did I say? But then Slime points out that Audrey ditched the tracker for a reason, so I have to concede a point to Slime. Alas, it won't be the last this hour. Then Logan's call comes through, and Hayes tells him that they're looking for both Kiefer and Henderson. Logan stresses the overriding need for Kiefer to be caught: "If David Palmer's killer is still at large when the morning news cycle begins, then all the success we've had at handling these terrorists will be undermined." I have to give it to Logan: the pretext he gives is consistent with what he's usually worried about. Hayes assures him that Kiefer will be found, and Logan tells her to let him know the moment that happens. And Logan has, quite cleverly, managed to combine two of his favorite activities in one call: underling-browbeating and Henderson-obeying.

At CTU, Hayes acknowledges the President's order and hangs up. Slime offers his assessment that Audrey knows where Kiefer is, but they aren't going to be able to find her in time the way they're going. And he still thinks (correctly, as we know) that Chloe helped Audrey out. He even remembers that Audrey asked for Chloe to be assigned to her and everything. Better still, he's got an idea for how to use Chloe to find Kiefer. He's really bringing his A-game this hour.

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