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If We Only Had the Nerve Gas
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Previously on 24: We're supposed to believe that President Logan said, "I just signed the treaty. Now, all of a sudden and I find out the terrorists are still out there. With nerve gas." Except he didn't. Shut up, previouslies.

We pick up, amazingly enough, almost where we left off last week. Kiefer is still making a case for going to Not Camp David on his own to confront Walt Cummings in person, but the discussion has been relocated to the CTU Situation Room, I guess so that Audrey can be in on it. Why Kiefer needs CTU approval for something he's going to do specifically as a non-CTU agent is unclear, but everyone still needs to stand around talking about it while the viewers get back up to speed. McGill poses the practical question of how Kiefer plans to get to Walt, who is, after all, the President's Chief of Staff. Kiefer figures he'll call up Mike Novick for a secret meeting. Buchanan wonders how they know Novick's not in on the conspiracy as well, and Kiefer shoots that right down. "I know him," Kiefer insists. Sounds like Kiefer's forgotten Season Two. But he thinks that Novick can get Logan on their side. By-the-book McGill is nervous, but Audrey and Buchanan say they're up for it. Everyone turns to McGill for a decision, and he takes about ten minutes to give the green light. "But just so we're clear," he warns, "this is about finding the nerve gas, not getting revenge for David Palmer." Kiefer looks busted for a second, but quickly recovers and agrees. He doesn't give his word, though, which will be significant later.

McGill and Buchanan leave the room so that Kiefer and Audrey can set up their "protocols" for the meeting. This seems like something that would be Chloe or Edgar's job, but we need Kiefer and Audrey to be alone for a few minutes for their big moment, so. They're all business at first, and Audrey explains that she's just having trouble getting used to his being alive. I guess she is going to have to give him back all of his clothes, but his pants were probably short on her anyway. "I understand," Kiefer says sadly. As big moments go, that was...not very big. He steps out to call Novick. Audrey stops him at the door, saying, "When Cummings finds out that you're still alive, he's going to come after you again." Kiefer stifles whatever sarcastic response that comes to mind and just grunts, "Yeah," before walking out of the room.

At Not Camp David, Walt is taking a stroll across the grounds when he gets a cell phone call from The Man. The Man worries that Kiefer isn't dead, yet, again. Or would it be "isn't dead yet again?" I suppose either way is correct. In return, Walt asks if the stolen nerve gas has reached the port yet. The Man says it'll arrive any minute. Walt hangs up, saying he's late for a briefing. Presumably, he won't be passing along the new information he just received.

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