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Shout-out to my year-and-a-half-old son, M. Small, who this week protested not being mentioned more often in these recaps by taping Tuesday's American Idol over three-quarters of 24. This recap is brought to you by him, and by Plan B.

At CTU, Hayes is back on the phone with Buchanan again, apparently having dealt with that "threat" that loomed at the end of last hour, which of course turned out to just be an innocuous distraction. Buchanan tells Hayes that before Chloe leaves his house, she's packing up some stuff so she can keep in touch with Kiefer. For Hayes, that raises the question of where Kiefer actually is, and Buchanan comes right out and says that Kiefer stowed away on a diplomatic flight out of Van Nuys Airport because someone on that plane has the Logan/Henderson recording that's been the subject of so much MacGuffining for the past month's worth of episodes. He adds that Chloe's been trying to find out which passenger has the recording. So I guess Hayes is totally in the club now. Just then, Slime bundles into her office with an armload of equipment for Chloe's "remote debrief" (which, to my way of thinking, is probably the best way to do that), saying the team that's picking up Chloe is only a block away from Cabana Buchanan. Hayes rather abruptly shuffles him off to set that up in the Situation Room, and he pissily heads out, wondering why she isn't telling him he's awesome. She gets back to her call and tells Buchanan how close the team is, and that he needs to get Chloe out now. Buchanan realizes he's going to have to give himself up to give Chloe time to get away, and Hayes says he'll be brought in and treated as a suspect. "We never talked," she adds. Buchanan lives on a really long street, because the Homeland Security car isn't pulling up until just now. Before they hang up, Hayes tells Buchanan to have Chloe call on a "dry channel," whatever that is, and gives a couple of extensions which Buchanan writes down and hands to Chloe. He hangs up and shoos her towards the back door. She asks a lot of time-wasting, expository questions, but he manages to get her out of the house with directions to a nearby hotel on Ventura Boulevard. He doesn't tell her to get them a room.

When the knock on the door comes, he takes off his dress shirt (it's funny how he slowly gets more naked as the season progresses, but he's still wearing a T-shirt), tries to muss up his hair (which is fairly unmussable), and answers the door like he just got out of bed. And yes, I would believe he sleeps in his suit pants. The four agents outside aren't like any CTU Tac teams we've seen before; they're all wearing street clothes and not one of them has a weapon in sight. The Department of Homeland Security: now with kinder, gentler stormtroopers. Their leader tries to intimidate Buchanan into letting him search the house. Buchanan demands a warrant, which does him no good at all, and plays dumb when the agent asks where Chloe is. A quick search tells the agents that she's not there, but apparently there's still some kind of file up on Buchanan's computer that only Chloe would have accessed. Is it a Bad Badtz-Maru screensaver? Busted, Buchanan says he'll only talk to Hayes. The lead agent whips out his cell phone.

He quickly gets through to Slime, who's all set up in the CTU Situation Room, and reports that Chloe has been and gone. Hayes comes in as Slime asks for Buchanan, and he tells her, "We lost O'Brian." "Dammit," Hayes Oscar-baits. Slime tries to threaten Buchanan into giving up Chloe's location, but Buchanan mildly says, "From what I understand, Miles, she got out of CTU right under your nose. You're the one who should be concerned, not me." Hayes cuts in to pretend to tell Buchanan to spill, but Buchanan just hands back the agent's phone, saying he's done talking. I'm digging this new, rebellious Buchanan. All that's missing is a pack of Marlboros rolled into the sleeve of his t-shirt. Before hanging up, Hayes tells her field agent to bring Buchanan in to CTU and start searching for Chloe. "She's probably got a car, which means she's about fifteen miles out." Surprisingly, that's not the part that Slime has a problem with. He points out that the agents at Cabana Buchanan can interrogate him right there, and that they're wasting time having Buchanan brought in. Hayes pulls rank and says she'll be in her office, leaving Slime alone to scowl at the conference table.

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