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Kiefer, Buchanan, and Hayes are striding purposefully through CTU, talking about the impending call with the Attorney General. Hayes tells Kiefer that she hasn't told the AG what the recording's about: "I think he needs to hear it directly from the source." Kiefer doesn't disagree. They walk past Slime, who isn't really doing anything but watching them walk past. And looking evil. And quietly hoping that the little blinking device that the prop department gave him to hold right next to the recording worked.

Kiefer and the bosses join Chloe in the Situation Room, and her technobabble about the call setup segues smoothly into some politicobabble from Buchanan, who explains that they're also patching in someone from the House Judiciary Committee and a Congressional liaison. Apparently Buchanan thinks the AG is too much of a wuss to indict a sitting President, and they'll need an emergency session of Congress to remove Logan from office. Gosh, I hope we get to see that this hour. That should be thrilling. When it comes to real time, 24 has nothing on C-SPAN. Hayes tells Chloe to play back the recording so they can check the sound levels. Chloe complies, but all that comes out of the machine is white noise. Kiefer, the only one in the room who's actually heard the recording, is the first to realize that something's wrong. "Dammit, Chloe!" he bitches, "you were responsible for this recording. What the hell happened?" Chloe sputters that whatever was on the memory card has been erased. Right on cue, the speakerphone rings and an operator notifies the room that the Attorney General is on the line. Hayes looks flustered, but Buchanan calmly offers he'll take the call. "I'll tell them we're having technical difficulties," he understates, leaving the room. Kiefer leans on Chloe to tell him who got into the room. Chloe says no one, but then remembers the visit from Slime. "You sent him in here to check up on me while I was setting up," she says to Hayes. Hayes denies doing any such thing, but Kiefer's already stomping out of the room and onto the floor. I begin to suspect that he's going to choke a bitch.

He quickly spots Slime, despite having never met him as far as we know. Maybe the fact that Slime is the only one getting ready to leave is what tips him off. Realizing what Kiefer's got in what passes for his mind at times like this, Hayes scurries after Kiefer, calling in Security. One guard steps up to stop him, and Kiefer easily knocks him unconscious with one blow...to the chest. Wow, the I'm small but don't fuck with me messages are getting more and more obvious, aren't they? In any case, replacements for the felled guard don't exactly line up. So Kiefer's unhindered as he grabs Slime by the throat with one hand and shoves him up against the nearest support column. "Do you know how many people lost their lives so that I could bring that evidence in?" He hisses into Slime's reddening face. Hayes keeps telling Kiefer to release Slime, and he finally does, but in such a way that it looks like he's trying to throw Slime's neck across the room. "Where are you going, Miles?" Hayes asks. Through what's left of his windpipe, Slime says, "I was transferred. I was told to report immediately." Hayes asks where, but Kiefer's already figured it out. "The White House," he spits, and stomps off. Hayes tells Slime, "This is not over. There will be an investigation." Slime is able to gather up the shreds of his dignity and say, "Do what you have to do, Karen. I work for the President now." So Hayes bitch-slaps him. And the shreds go flying again. Hayes: redeemed! Slime picks up his coat and briefcase and heads out. Dude, you dropped a shred.

Back in the Situation Room, Chloe is profusely apologizing to Kiefer and saying she still doesn't know how Slime pulled it off. I don't either. I've never actually seen one of those little digital recording devices in person, let alone a separate device that can wipe one clean from an inch away. And yet Slime just happened to have one on him. I'd be more inclined to believe he did it with an extra-strength refrigerator magnet, but then those rarely blink. Whatever, I'm clearly out of my technical depth here. Again. Hayes comes back in, and Kiefer starts talking about getting Audrey to sign an affidavit swearing to the recording's contents. But Hayes cuts him off and sends Chloe off to Processing to see if there's anything on the recording that can be salvaged. And then the President calls. Well, this could get awkward.

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