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I Won't Be Your Father Figure
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Vladimir Bierko is in his bunker, watching the progress of the Russian president's motorcade in real time using a highly illicit, classified surveillance satellite uplink. Or possibly Google Earth. From where he's standing next to a white van parked outside somewhere, the VladimirKo henchman I think of as "Fucked-up Accent Guy" calls Bierko on his satellite phone to ask, "Whizzy mutter gay naw?" Bierko answers him as if he had actually asked, "Where is the motorcade now?" To Fucked-up Accent Guy's next indecipherable torrent of glottals, fricatives, diphthongs, and plosives, he answers, "About forty minutes." Fucked-up Accent guy spews something else, then hangs up and knocks on the van door. And a couple of guys climb out with what look like the components of a bazooka. Just the kind of thing you want to be seen standing outside with in public on a sunny afternoon in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, in the Not Camp David Situation Room, Novick is showing Logan a map of the motorcade's route. The Secret Service threat assessment he's requested (which he said he couldn't do last hour) indicates that the most likely spot for an attack is downtown. "If an ambush were to occur," he hedges. Because we need to remind slow-moving viewers what's going on, Logan coolly says they can be assured it will happen, since they gave the terrorists Suvarov's route. Logan's already figuring out how to spin this politically, when Novick gets a cell phone call. His expression falls. After getting off the phone, he takes a long time to make sure Logan's good and nervous before breaking the news: the First Lady hopped into the Suvarovs' limo before it left. Logan freaks, and wonders why the Secret Service didn't try to stop her. Novick points out that the motorcade was already under protection, so they didn't see any need. "She wants me to call back the motorcade," Logan deduces. "She's trying to save the Suvarovs." What a shame that such a brilliant mind is only limited to two terms in office. Novick offers to call the motorcade back, and Logan snaps, "Yes! No, stop, wait." He rubs his face as he remembers that warning the motorcade will result in the terrorists releasing the gas. But not warning the motorcade will get his wife killed! But warning the motorcade will get thousands of Americans killed! Logan's in an agony of indecision. This is easily distinguishable from his other moods, which include frustration of indecision, contentment of indecision, general malaise of indecision, and giddiness of indecision. Novick watches him, unimpressed. With minor variations, I've just recapped almost every Logan/Novick scene in this episode. But I'll continue, for you guys. "Get my wife on the phone," Logan barks.

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