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The Plot Quickens
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For a change, we're not starting out right where we left off last hour. Instead, Buchanan arrives at the CTU clinic, where apparently Tony woke up about ten minutes ago. Before he goes into Tony's room, the doctor -- Doctor Besson, the one from last season, not the dead one from earlier today -- warns Buchanan that with the head trauma and all, Tony doesn't seem to remember that Michelle is dead. Buchanan wants to tell Tony right away, but the doctor nixes that so as to maximize the potential drama. Or perhaps because Tony isn't yet stable enough to receive the news, which will cause the traumatized remains of his brain to melt and leak out his ears. Buchanan agrees. What the hell, why not continue being the one getting sympathy from people over Michelle's death?

Inside the room, Buchanan leans over Tony's bed and his giant face bandage to ask how he's doing. Tony says he was told that Michelle was taken to Cedars-Sinai, and Buchanan confirms it, lying like someone who was never a field operative in his life (which, as far as I know, he wasn't). Tony wants to know what's going on, and Buchanan gives him a quick summary: Palmer was the main target, Kiefer was set up to take the fall, but now Kiefer is working provisionally with CTU. Tony wants to talk to Kiefer ASAP, and further asks Buchanan to get a message to Michelle that he's all right. Buchanan agrees to both, just barely managing to maintain the presence of mind to not pull out a Ouija board on the spot. Yes, I know I used that joke last week. Don't care. "We need you to get better," Buchanan whispers, with a hand on Tony's shoulder. He totally knows Buchanan's lying. Everyone knows Tony always gets better whether anyone needs him to or not.

It's still the aftermath of the motorcade attack in downtown L.A. FLOTUS stands by herself, watching President Suvarov embrace his wife in PTSD fellowship. Aaron limps over to her to tell her that a Navy helicopter is on its way to take them all back to Not Camp David. Aw, maybe the Suvarovs just wanted to ride in a helicopter again. Now that the immediate danger has passed, weepy FLOTUS thinks this is a good time to spill what she knows to Aaron: "Charles...knew about the attack and he just let it happen, Aaron...he gave the terrorists the Suvarovs' motorcade route." Aaron is sympathetically skeptical, but the arrival of the aforementioned helicopter puts a noisy end to the conversation before it can be explored further. Maybe they can talk about it with the Suvarovs on the flight back.

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