Day 5: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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Spy vs. Spy
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Tony gets his own freeze frame in the previouslies this week. Enjoy it, because it's his last one.

And, as if to prove it, we open on Tony's mortal remains on the floor of the CTU clinic, his face being covered by a sheet. I hope they have a lot of sheets in this building. Kiefer stands by watching, having recovered from his crying jag in the past two minutes. Audrey comes in and expresses her sympathies, but Kiefer blows right by that and asks if Henderson has been found yet. Oh, yeah, that guy. Audrey says that Henderson managed to squeak out during the tiny window between lockdowns, take a car from the parking lot, and abandon it a block away. She doesn't say whether the car then blew up or not. But the good news is that Chloe was able to decrypt one of Henderson's computer files and find someone connected to Bierko. Audrey hands Kiefer a dossier on the tall French chick from late last hour. "Who's Collette Stenger?" Kiefer asks, and Audrey says she's an "international intelligence broker. State secrets, intellectual property." Which Audrey totally only knows from the dossier, of course. Never heard of her otherwise. She says that Interpol has records of Collette meeting with Bierko twice in the past eight months. Done! Audrey tells Kiefer that Collette's registered at an L.A. hotel, and that Curtis is prepping a tactical team to pay her a visit. Kiefer thanks Audrey and whips out his cell phone to call Curtis and invite himself along. So nobody cares that Henderson is on the loose? At the very least, Kiefer should be on the lookout for the next gratuitous attempt on his own life.

Out at Not Camp David, Logan's press secretary steps up to a podium to address the reporters assembled outside in the back yard. As far as I know, it's the same ones who have been there all day. I wonder how far away they got before they had to turn around and come back? Inside the house, President Logan is pacing around and worrying about how unpopular his impending announcement is going to be, while Vice-President Gardner assures him that it's the right move. Just then, the First Lady comes in and asks to talk to her husband alone. The Veep tries to blow her off, but she insists, and Logan okays it. Bold move, Chuck, standing up to the Veep like that.

Once it's just the Logans in the room, Martha tells the President that CTU has a new lead on the nerve gas. Wow, she's in the loop, isn't she? Even CTU didn't find out about CTU's new lead until a minute ago. Of course, Martha still isn't on board with the whole martial-law thing that Logan's about to announce: "Has it ever occurred to you that he proposed this whole thing to set you up for a fall? So that he gets the nomination next year?" Logan thinks not, and insists that Gardner only wants what's best for the country. Because Logan has never met another human being in his life. FLOTUS warns him of the political hits he'll take, which is his most vulnerable spot, but it's too late; the press secretary is about to announce him, and what's he going to do, go out there and ask if anyone has a birthday today? He steps outside and takes the podium as the music briefly gets all Danny Elfman with a huge, minor-key orchestral flourish and cymbal-crash. This is what the Presidency is like in a Tim Burton movie.

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