Day 5: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

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What is it with chicks, man?
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We open on the CTU floor as the camera tracks Chloe, galumphing along in medium range, leaving the shot to focus on Buchanan and Hayes conferring in the distance, to Audrey's profile, rightinourfaces, wearing her glasses and looking totally innocent as she works. As you do. Film school exercise over, Buchanan circles around and catches up with Chloe, asking her to check into Audrey's background over the past eighteen months, particularly any connections to Henderson or to Walt Cummings. Chloe of course wants to ask a lot of questions, but Buchanan tells her to do it quickly. One might expect Chloe to go straight to Audrey after that, but Buchanan does instead, telling Audrey she's being taken into custody. Not wasting any time, I see. Two white-shirted security guards (must be Homeland Security guys, which explains why they look like the people who run the metal detectors at the airport) appear on cue, but before they can drag her back to Holding, Audrey drags a partial explanation out of Buchanan: Collette Stenger named Audrey as her source for information that she then passed to Bierko. As she's frog-marched to an interrogation room, Audrey has one more question for Buchanan: "Does Jack know I'm being detained?" Buchanan says that Kiefer not only knows, he sanctioned it. Oh, so Kiefer's not only working for CTU again, he's sanctioning shit now?

And if you think the news of Audrey's disgrace traveled fast, it didn't travel any more quickly than Kiefer himself did. He's already back at CTU -- in the building, no less -- with Curtis and the rest of his field team, Collette in tow. Apparently CTU and Van Nuys Airport share a parking lot. You'd think Collette would have been more careful than that. She's still sticking to her story that Audrey was her contact, even claiming that they met face-to-face. Kiefer whirls Collette against the wall again and threatens, "If you are lying to me, I'm gonna make this the worst day of your life, you understand me?" Way to give her even more motivation to stick to her story, there, Master Interrogator.

Presumably Collette and Audrey are going to two different holding rooms, because we're joining the latter in her cell right now. No sooner has she been buzzed in than a technician rolls in a torture cart, making sure she can see it as it goes past her. She looks very worried indeed. See, this is why living in a country that tortures people is a bad thing. Sooner or later, the people who argue most strongly against the practice are going to have it turned on them. Of course, so will the people who are powerfully in favor of it, as well as those who don't really seem to have an opinion. It doesn't really matter what you do; eventually the law of averages is going to catch up to you. Something to look forward to.

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