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It's the aftermath of the fake hostage exchange that went horribly wrong and turned into a real hostage exchange. (There's a sentence no other recapper will ever have to write.) CTU is still scrambling around the abandoned motel instead of trying to pursue Cheng and his men up into the hills. An agent ascertains that the C-4 charge Kiefer set is the only one in the building. Which it is, as far as Kiefer knows. But then he happens to glance up into the building's window and see another ticking time bomb inside that he forgot about, name of Audrey Raines. He remembers to look worried and guilty about her state, just in case anybody's watching him for signs of anything but an intention to escape.

Inside, Doyle approaches Audrey -- still tucked up in the fetal position in her chair -- and introduces himself. He explains that he's hoping Audrey might have some kind of lead that will help him to find Cheng. Which I'm sure is the case, if Cheng was actually willing to hand her over to Kiefer. Cheng's nothing if not sloppy, right? Audrey isn't talking at all, so Doyle assures her that she's safe now. Still no response, until Doyle asks if she understands. She finally speaks: "Help me, Jack. Please don't let them do this to me." Sadly, in her current state, it appears that one blond, psychopathic, torture-happy, seen-more-boyish-looking-days government agent looks much like another.

Back at CTU, Nadia has already taken over Buchanan's old office and is barking orders at her speakerphone to have roadblocks set up around Cheng's last known location. Which should be useful, since we all know that Cheng isn't on the road. Maybe setting up hill blocks and field blocks would be a good idea, too. She blows off the caller's complaints about the overloaded system and hangs up. Morris arrives in the office, because in the past ten minutes, while Nadia was learning her new job and dealing with the fact that her agency allowed a highly sensitive piece of Russian technology to fall into Chinese hands, she somehow found time to read Morris's transfer request. She's basically called him up here to tell him it's denied. Down on the floor, Chloe is watching this scene through the glass walls of the BossCube, and she doesn't look happy, even though she can't hear what her boss and her boyfriend are saying to each other. But it's never good when your boss and your boyfriend are talking. It either means you're dating a coworker, which is a recipe for disaster; or you're at a work party, which is generally a disaster in progress. As we return to the BossCube, Morris is acting all condescending to Nadia, saying that since she's just starting a new job, he's only looking out for her and trying to protect her from an ugly situation that's about to arise. Nadia dismisses Morris's "personal melodrama," and then dismisses Morris himself. "Anything else you want to say?" she asks as her phone rings. "Oh yeah," Morris assures her. But he leaves Nadia alone with her phone rather than end up saying something he'll regret. That's his ex-wife's department, after all.

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