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Swap Meet
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Doyle runs down the freeway embankment where Kiefer left him stranded, and right into traffic. Amazingly, he is not killed instantly, as he jumps from lane to lane futilely trying to signal drivers to pull over. At first, nobody does, but all of the swerving and braking he causes creates just enough of a traffic jam that he's able to get one driver to slow down and stop. Doyle Grand Theft Autos the dude right out of his car without even bothering to show a badge, and drives off. Does Doyle realize how lucky he is to have actually found some traffic? That was the most cars I've seen on the road at one time all season.

Meanwhile, further up the road, Kiefer is driving along alone when he spots a few rows of those huge steel power-line pylons -- the kind that look like utilitarian Eiffel Towers, only bigger. Those things always make me want to shield my gonads, but Kiefer starts driving right toward them. I suppose any Darwinian urges he might ever have possessed have been spotty at best today.

Doyle's luck keeps holding up, as he turns out to have jacked a car with a cell phone headset inside. Without any regard for where that thing might have been, he sticks it in his ear and calls CTU. He tells Buchanan that Kiefer got the drop on him; he admits that he screwed up and is now in pursuit. Morris reports that the tracker CTU attached to the circuit board from the suitcase nuke is still active and transmitting a signal, so for now, they can tell that Kiefer's still heading up the highway. Buchanan warns Doyle that Kiefer's going to ditch the tracker ASAP, and Doyle promises to catch Kiefer before that happens. Good luck with that. Buchanan finishes the call and announces to the floor that Kiefer's gone rogue. Amazingly, nobody responds, "Again?" Buchanan adds that Doyle's in pursuit and will need all their support. And then he goes over to where Chloe is just sitting at a desk with her chin in her hands and asks her to get back to work, even though he pulled her off this project less than half an hour ago. "I know what I said," Buchanan explains. "I need my best people on this." And also Chloe. He asks if he can trust Chloe, and she promises that he can. As long as Kiefer doesn't call her directly and Velvet-talk her into doing something treasonous again.

Kiefer drives his stolen CTU pickup right under those giant power lines, and the blip representing the chip-tracker promptly vanishes from Morris's screen. Now sitting at the computer next to his, Chloe acts like it's somehow Morris's fault that they've lost the signal. Getting out of the truck and standing so close to the pylon that if he were holding a fluorescent light tube it would be glowing, Kiefer pries the tiny tracker chip off of the nuke component and flips it into the grass. With my luck, the chip would have caught the wind and blown right into the truck's open door and I'd have to spend the next forty minutes searching for it under the seat. But then if Kiefer had my luck, he'd be dead. He gets back into the truck and drives off.

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