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That'll Do, Pig
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So here we are in the season's second quarter already, and I can't help noticing that of all the subplots that began the season, most of them appear to be pretty much wrapped up except the main one. Perhaps it's possible to move things alongtoo fast.

On with the show. This is about as close to the bomb site as we're ever going to get this season, I'm guessing. A TV reporter is reporting live from the edge of the "safe zone" in Valencia (population: 796,549 784,549). No real news here per se, but Wayne's riveted to the TV anyway as he hangs out in the White House Bunker. Tom enters, crying crocodile tears over Karen's resignation. To his credit, Wayne's not buying Tom's act, but Tom uses that as a segue to once again bring up the executive order draft he suggested this morning. In case you haven't been keeping up with the debate over Tom's proposal, this would be the one where everyone in America goes to jail, forever. Tom offers Wayne a slim binder, but Wayne's still not on board with what Tom's suggesting, saying, "Those actions would constitute a brazen abuse of executive power." Tom says that the actions will also "degrade Fayed's network." Ah, trickle-down counterterrorism. Wayne remains reluctant to force the people who elected him to "give up the rights and freedoms that define the essence of this country." Tom says that another nuke will redefine things real good too. He sets the folder on Wayne's desk, and with one more look at the video screen showing the mushroom cloud blowing north, Wayne tells Tom to distribute the order to the Cabinet and convene in thirty minutes. Tom barely contains his exultation as he scampers out to make it so.

Out in the hallway, Tom flags down Chad Lowe to tell him to convene the Cabinet. He doesn't think Wayne would be doing this if he weren't signing off on Tom's measures. "Good work, Reed," Tom tells him. Keep thanking him, Tom. I don't think he's caught up yet. Tom recaps that getting rid of Karen "was distinctly unpleasant, but she left us no choice." Whatever, he had a great time doing that.

Karen, meanwhile, is still in the Bunker, packing up her briefcase. I think that simple task has taken her almost as much time as she spent down there before getting forced out. Her cell phone rings, and it's Buchanan, who still doesn't know he's become the primary breadwinner in the family. Karen breaks the news that she's resigned, although she won't tell him why. She does say that she's on her way to CTU to be an "on-site liaison," whatever that is. Buchanan's confused and suspicious that Tom was involved, but Karen says that she can't talk about it, and hangs up. Buchanan calls her right back, but when she's out in the hallway, she checks the caller ID and shuts it off without answering. She happens to glance down the hallway and spot a couple of Joint Chiefs looking purposeful, but there's not much she can do about it now. She boards the elevator to the surface, where she can look forward to the media reporting the implementation of everything she's been fighting to prevent all day. She'll just have to hope she's through airport security before it all takes effect.

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