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That'll Do, Pig

When we return at 12:50:32, Morris has his illegal software utility plug-in patch hack whatever thingy working. He promises Milo that his computer will have the photo resolved in two minutes. Given that this has been put off until the final act, I'm sure Fayed's engineer will turn out to be somebody we've never heard of before. As for Morris, he's out of there. Perhaps he should leave somebody his screensaver password, just in case. On his way out, Morris asks Chloe to watch his station. She tells him to call when he learns anything, and they quickly kiss goodbye. It would be kind of cute if either of them was.

Tom's on the phone with the Vice President, who's congratulating the Chief of Staff on his insane new plan. The Veep flips through the binder, which...I'm not sure how he got a hold of a completely finished and bound copy, given that he's currently at 37,000 feet on Air Force Two. But whatever. Vice Presidents have many mysterious powers. "To be honest, I didn't think this president had the stomach for the cure," says the Veep. The "cure" apparently involves, in addition to all of the stuff we've already heard, a lot of evil sneering, since the Veep is being played by Powers Boothe. He's very scary and scowly and abusive-daddish. Finally, this show gets a handle on what the country looks for in a Vice President. Tom puts the Veep on speakerphone as Wayne enters the Battle Bridge along with the Joint Chiefs. Wayne gets right to business, saying that they're here to meet on "Executive Order 1066." Or as someone even nerdier than I might call it, "The Battle of Hastings order." Good thing I'm not that nerdy. For some reason, Wayne takes forever getting to the point, making everyone sit through the whole story of how Tom proposed it earlier today, Wayne rejected it, and then Fayed set off his nuke, and Wayne decided to reconsider. And now, Wayne stands and boldly announces that he...hasn't changed his mind. And then he launches into a whole preachy lecture about how the Constitution was intended by the founders to be valid in war as well as peace. Tom interrupts as politely as he can to point out that "George Washington's enemies wore bright red coats and marched in straight lines." Wayne says that Tom's plan won't help them to fight their current enemy, and will in fact alienate and radicalize the American Muslim community, the people whose help they need most. Wayne concludes with a bit about the rule of law trumping the politics of fear. As Wayne retakes his seat, the Veep chimes in on the phone to suggest that Wayne listen to some input from others. The corollary "or else I'll jump out of this plane, through the crust of the earth, and land right behind you to break off my foot in your black ass, cocksucker" is left unvoiced, although his tone makes it clear. But Wayne firmly announces, "The discussion on this matter is over." The Veep looks like his head's about to explode.

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