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That'll Do, Pig

At CTU, Milo and Chloe are standing around and watching pixels dance around on Morris's monitor at 12:53:54. Buchanan gives instructions to Nadia to set up interrogation rooms and a full clearance package for Kiefer when he arrives at CTU. Buchanan joins Chloe and Milo just as small areas of the photo start looking like photos instead of a scrambled mosaic. And seconds later, there's a man's face looking out at them from the screen, eyes and bald head twinkling over a tiny smile on the bewhiskered mouth. Yep, you guessed it. "Oh my God, it's Morris!" Chloe narrates. Wow, good thing Morris just left, or else it would be kind of confusing having two of him here. Chloe tells Buchanan that Morris isn't in the building anymore. Buchanan grabs the nearest desk phone to dial Security, who tells him that Morris just left CTU's parking lot. Buchanan hangs up instead of giving orders to go after Morris. I know it's probably not protocol for security CTU personnel to leave their posts, but it's not like they ever manage to keep the place...you know, secure. Buchanan tells Milo to issue an APB on Morris's car and Chloe to call Morris's cell phone. Buchanan's next call is to Kiefer. Because apparently Kiefer is his boss now or something.

Kiefer's riding shotgun in a CTUmobile as Buchanan relays the news of this latest development. Upon hearing that Morris is not only the engineer, but has just left the building, Kiefer wants to be patched in on the conference call to Morris's cell phone as soon as Chloe raises him. He has to do everything around here. It takes both Buchanan and Kiefer to explain the situation to Morris, but after a few seconds, he realizes that he's been set up and that his brother is fine. He's about to turn his jaunty convertible around and come back to CTU, but before he can do so, McCarthy's car screeches up next to him and cuts him off. McCarthy jumps out with a gun drawn, and introduces himself by putting a few slugs in Morris's passenger-side headrest. Both Kiefer and everyone at CTU hears the shots, but there's nothing they can do as McCarthy forces Morris out of his own car and into McCarthy's at gunpoint. Kiefer realizes that Morris is being moved to another vehicle, so Buchanan tells Chloe to pull up satellite feeds of a five-mile radius around CTU. Good luck with that. Set up a perimeter while you're at it, why don't you? With Rita behind the wheel, Morris is spirited off in the McCarthyMobile.

McCarthy calls Fayed to tell him they're on their way, and should arrive in fifteen minutes. That is so not "within the hour." McCarthy reminds Fayed that he's only delivering Morris, and that it'll be up to Fayed to make him cooperate. Ain't no thing, says Fayed, and hangs up. Morris sits thoughtfully, handcuffed to the door handle in the back seat. In other splitscreen windows, Kiefer meets and boards his helicopter, Chloe does her satellite-fu, the Veep glowers hard enough to almost make the oxygen masks drop from the ceiling, and the Joint Chiefs and Tom sit around in the Battle Bridge and pout at Wayne. I guess just because the discussion was over didn't mean they don't have to keep sitting there.

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