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That'll Do, Pig

Back at Graem's house, Burke's finishes packing up his stuff at 12:56:47. On his way out, he's stopped by Dad, who wants to talk in private with Graem before they go. Burke agrees to give them five minutes alone, as the latest iteration of his ongoing experiment to learn what exactly it's going to take to get himself fired around here. Dad enters the room and closes the door.

Graem's still tied to the chair, because apparently they're going to bring him back to CTU Hannibal Lecter-style. After making sure the two of them are alone in the room, Graem asks his dad, "How'm I doing?" Dad says that Graem's doing great. The soundtrack says, "Sneaky bastards." Graem quietly congratulates himself on being as tough as his brother, bragging, "It's nice to know that I can take anything he can dish out." Dad's not so effusive in his praise, however, pointing out, "You told him about Palmer." Graem says that he threw Kiefer a bone to make him think he'd cracked, and reminds Dad that he kept Dad out of it. Dad warns Graem that things are going to get worse for Graem when he gets back to CTU, and that Dad has to be sure of Graem's silence. Beginning to see where this is going, Graem insists that he's up to it: "I'll hold my mud, Dad. Everything's going exactly according to plan. Jack bought the ruse." This makes Graem the only human being in history who has ever used the terms "hold my mud" and "ruse" in the same speech. They agree that Kiefer still thinks Dad was supposed to be killed at the top of the hour, too. Wait, so the plan all along was to not kill Kiefer and let the henchmen die instead? What kind of bonus do you suppose he offered those henchmen to sign up for that? Graem says that things are still under control; he'll do some time, and Dad will get him out when he can. Uh, Graem? The stuff you just confessed to is going to land you in prison until you look like your father and your son looks like Kiefer. Dad might not have that much time. "Meanwhile," Graem concludes, "the company lives on." Okay, besides giving nukes and nerve gas to terrorists, just what the fuck does this company do that's so goddamn great in the first place? Graem advises Dad to stick to the plan, like he's always said. "Sometimes you have to make adjustments," Dad replies, wandering over to fiddle with the IV tube that's still attached to Graem's arm. He says that Graem's "been a good boy," doing everything he asked: "Except this time I asked too much. Sorry." And with that, Dad uses an empty syringe to force about 10 cc's of air into his son's bloodstream. Graem starts to make one last appeal, but in seconds he's choking, while his father holds his hand over Graem's mouth to muffle any noise he might make. Graem struggles helplessly for a few seconds, then is still. And that's what an air embolism looks like, folks.

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