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That'll Do, Pig

Dad lets Graem's head drop, and then kisses his dead son on the top of the head. That'll do, pig. Dad sets the syringe back down on the table where he found it, not bothering to wipe it down or anything. Nice job leaving it there in the first place, Burke. "My son's had a seizure!" he yells at the closed door, and Burke and some other agents flood back in, swarming over Graem's corpse. Burke calls for medical assistance. Dad threatens, "If you people killed my son, I swear...you're gonna regret it for the rest of your life." Good thing they didn't, then. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't get away with this, even if he wasn't on a show where nobody ever gets away with anything. Dad gives a theatrical little face-palm for the benefit of everyone in the room. It's 1:00:00.

Two hours next week. Don't forget to tell your TiVo.

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