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That'll Do, Pig

Back at CTU, Chloe enters Buchanan's office to tell him that she can't reach Kiefer or his support teams. Those would, of course, be the teams Graem had killed about ten minutes ago, and we know where Kiefer is. Buchanan's worried. He tells Chloe to keep trying. It's just that exciting.

Graem's already back home from McCarthy's office, and he's on the phone with the two henchmen who are transporting Kiefer and his dad. Graem tells his thugs to meet him at the house when they've finished their Bauer-killing, because he'll be there dumping hard drives for another hour. "Just make sure it goes exactly according to plan," Graem insists, and hangs up. In the back of the blue van, Dad's decided to have a little heart-to-heart with his son, saying that everything he built and worked for was for Kiefer. Great. It's not like Kiefer's going to be able to enjoy it now. Dad says that he tried to convince himself that Graem could run the company after Kiefer left, but wasn't wiling to admit the truth to himself: "After you left, Graem was all I had." I wonder what happened to Mom Bauer? Maybe she was killed by a double agent with whom Dad had had an affair or something. Nah, that would never happen.

At 12:07:52, the van arrives at a remote construction site and comes to a stop. The Bauers are offloaded at gunpoint, still cuffed, and led to stand in front of a hole in the ground. There's a cement mixer parked right there, its chute pointed down into the hole. This doesn't look good. The Bauers exchange a look, during which they telepathically communicate an entire plan to each other. As they reach the hole, one of the henchmen orders them down on their knees. Phillip refuses, saying, "At least have the guts to look me in the eye" as he turns and advances on the man. Kiefer takes advantage of the distraction to go for his own henchman's gun, and Dad does the same, even though both are still handcuffed. While grappling for the weapon, Kiefer manages to get it to go off twice, right into the guy Dad's fighting with. Good shooting, Tex. The other henchman drops to the ground, leaving Dad holding the dead man's gun. Kiefer wrestles his guy to the ground, but as he's recovering the second gun, Dad puts a bullet in the second man's chest. Too late, Kiefer shields the corpse with his body. "I needed to question him!" he yells. Dad defensives that the henchmen were going to kill them. Besides, he doesn't say, the last thing he needs is Kiefer questioning his employees. Wait, is that a spoiler? Forget I said anything. Kiefer tells Dad to loot the first corpse for the handcuff keys, and succeeds in retrieving his cell phone from his guy's pocket while Dad gets to work uncuffing himself.

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