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12:15:35. In a highly convenient development, Nadia notifies Buchanan that, during the commercials, the NSA just intercepted a data stream that includes an audio recording of a phone conversation, one of the participants in which is Fayed. I don't know why Tom needs all his police-state nonsense when technology like this exists. Nadia leads Buchanan over to Milo, who plays back the conversation we just heard right before the break. After we've heard the entire exchange a second time, Milo identifies the second voice as belonging to McCarthy. Buchanan -- always on top of everything -- realizes that this means Fayed is looking for a replacement for Numair, who of course vaporized himself with the nuke earlier this morning. Milo has more good news, which is that the data stream also included an image file. Now, I'm no tech whiz, but I'm pretty sure that an email and a phone call aren't going to be part of the same "data stream," even if they're occurring simultaneously. But this is a major plot point this hour, so we have no choice but to go with it. At 12:16:33, Milo explains that NSA thinks the image file is a photo of the engineer McCarthy found for Fayed. They head over to Morris's desk, where he's working on decoding a screen full of corrupted pixels. Looks tedious. Let's watch it all hour. "Recovering this image may be our only way of stopping those nukes," Buchanan intones. So, Morris should keep working on it, then? Morris says that it could be anywhere from ten minutes to an hour before he's finished. He doesn't add that the closer it gets to the end of the hour, the more likely it is to result in a shocking revelation.

Kiefer drives the blue van back to a CTU staging area near Graem's house. Apparently, the place is on the edge of a new development, because a small platoon of armored CTU field guys have set up on a home construction site around the corner. And they're looking pretty healthy, considering that they were all supposed to have gotten nuked three hours ago. Buchanan must have had them shipped in from CTU-Santa Barbara or something. Dad puts his gun down on the van's dashboard before getting out with Kiefer, who introduces himself to the agent in charge. He's a Poor Man's Jamie Kennedy, named Agent Turner, who explains to Kiefer that they've sealed off a one-block radius around the house, and have confirmed that Graem, his wife Marilyn, and "his" son Josh are inside too. Kiefer orders non-lethal force, instructing, "We need to take my brother alive." Plus he doesn't want his illegitimate son getting killed in the crossfire. Dad wants to go in with Kiefer, but Kiefer says he's going in alone. Well, except for the dozen or so CTU agents who will have his back, of course. Dad asks what Kiefer's going to do to Graem. "Whatever it takes to find out what he knows," Kiefer threatens. Dad looks worried, but doesn't say anything. I'm pretty sure my dad would offer some remark if I said something like that about one of my sisters.

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