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That'll Do, Pig

Inside the house, Graem's trying to pretend that everything's under control, while Marilyn angrily tries to tell him what's going on. Josh comes in, yelling at them to stop fighting. I find that a backdrop of four nuclear bombs in the hands of a terrorist only serves to make these scenes of domestic strife even more riveting, don't you? In a splitscreen window, we see the agents moving into position outside Graem's house. Graem's own windows, meanwhile, don't seem to be working any better than they did earlier today. Marilyn apologizes to Josh, and suggests that they leave Graem alone to work. Well, that worked out for Graem, didn't it? Except not so much, because right then explosions blow the front and back doors wide open. Graem snatches a gun out of his briefcase, and he's already got it leveled when Kiefer comes in with his own gun and about thirty armored agents, all of whom are beaded on Graem. Kiefer screams at his brother to drop the gun, and after a brief standoff, Graem yields. Good thing, too; I'll bet Kiefer would have hated to have to shoot Marilyn. Kiefer puts his knee on the back of Graem's neck and tells the nearest agent to have Burke get ready. He also wants every hard drive and memory stick in the house uploaded to CTU. I wait for Josh to blush fiercely and stammer some objections, but it doesn't happen. Graem's secured and dragged off to the next room. Josh asks what's going on. Um, Kiefer's not here to sell Girl Scout cookies, kid. Instead of answering him, Kiefer says that he needs to talk to Marilyn in private for a minute, and leads her into the kitchen.

Marilyn looks at Kiefer like she wishes she'd brought over some death-ray vision or something from her gig on Heroes. Kiefer tells her, "Stop looking at me as if this has something to do with us, because it doesn't." Hmm, a clue? If it is, it's the only one we'll get on that front this hour. He tells Marilyn that Graem just tried to have Kiefer and Dad killed. Marilyn angrily asks why, and Kiefer explains by telling her where this morning's nuke came from: "Gray's been trying to cover it up." He says that he knows it must be hard for her to believe, but of course it's not, because she actually hates her husband and only married him in the first place to get back at Kiefer (I'm guessing). Kiefer asks if Marilyn knows anything about Graem's dealings that can help him to find the four remaining nukes, but she's a dry well: "He hasn't confided in me in years. He probably never did." She says that Josh doesn't know anything either. If Josh really is Kiefer's kid, that's almost certainly the case. She wants to keep it that way. Kiefer says that he'll try to protect Josh, but Marilyn snaps, "No! I've seen what happens when you try and protect people!" Ouch. Also, good one. She yells that she just wants to get herself and Josh out of the house. And go...where? Hang out at a Starbucks for the afternoon? She storms back into the living room. Kiefer tries to follow, but Turner cuts him off at the door, saying that they've found two computers in the house. Graem was trying to erase files, but they're already sending what's left to CTU. Watching Marilyn hug Josh, Kiefer tells Turner to have "my sister-in-law and my nephew" brought back to CTU, like they've ever been there in the first place, for debriefing. Turner moves to comply, and Marilyn and Josh follow him out of the house.

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