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That'll Do, Pig

Out on the front walk, Josh and Marilyn see Dad waiting outside. Josh hugs his grandfather, who asks if he's okay. "Not really," says Josh. Drama queen. Marilyn sends Josh ahead to wait in the car, and then asks Dad whether what Kiefer told him about Graem is true. "It's complicated," says Dad, but denies nothing. "You make sure he keeps Josh out of this," says Marilyn, and follows her son to the CTUmobile. She's going to be so pissed if CTU gets blown up or gassed again while they're there.

Inside the house, Burke the Torture Guy has arrived, and he's been a busy little beaver. Graem's been strapped to a chair and positioned in front of a bright light and an infrared camera. Burke takes a seat behind a portable monitor showing him Graem's heat signature. While this is going on, the brothers just stare at each other coldly. Finally, Graem is the one to break the silence, admitting, "I panicked, Jack. That's all there is to it." Kiefer's not buying it, pointing out, "You tried to kill me and our father." Graem says that he was backed into a corner and trying to cover his own ass. Which would explain the parked cement mixer already in position at the planned execution site, of course. Not at all premeditated. Kiefer seems to think it's also relevant that Graem's responsible for the deaths of thousands, as well. He thinks Graem knows more than he's telling about McCarthy, but Graem insists that he doesn't. And when he says, "I've told you everything I know, Jack," Burke's monitor beeps, "Liar!" "Especially his last reply," Burke clarifies. Kiefer tells Burke, "Set up the interrogation package." Graem's like, "Here we go." Kiefer tells Graem not to make him do this. "We grew up together, Jack," says Graem. "In all those years, I could never make you do anything you didn't want to do." Good one, and Kiefer knows it. This is the disadvantage of investigating people you're close to; they know how to press your buttons, too. Related to that, is there anyone Buchanan won't let Kiefer interrogate? One of these days Kiefer's going to want to question himself, and Buchanan's going to be like, "Knock yourself out, kiddo. But not right away."

Out in the driveway, Burke retrieves a silver briefcase from the back of a CTUmobile. Dad watches him carry it into the house, wondering if it's a Fendi briefcase. It's 12:23:28.

12:27:54. At CTU, Milo pulls Chloe aside for a discreet conversation. It seems that he's just received word that Morris's brother, Timothy, is on his way to the hospital with severe radiation exposure and is in critical condition. You suppose Morris's brother is also British? I'm only half kidding here. Chloe starts to head over to notify Morris, but Milo wants to hold off for now, because what Morris is working on is too important to distract him. Chloe takes the opposite position she did in a similar situation three seasons ago, saying that they can't keep Morris in the dark: "I know Morris. He can handle it." "I hope so," Milo mutters to Chloe's retreating back.

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