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That'll Do, Pig

Chloe heads right over to Morris's desk at 12:28:56 with the printout of the report. She breaks the news as gently as she ever broke anything, telling him she's sorry and quietly standing at his side as he slowly begins to freak. He picks up his desk phone to try to reach the hospital where Timothy's supposedly been taken, but this is the one call all season that can't go through because the circuits are too busy. "What was he doing in Valencia?" Morris wonders. "Bloke lives in bleeding London." I may have added that second part. He slams down the phone, thinks a second, and announces, "I have to go out there." He gets up from his chair, but Milo's right there to ask him to get back to work. "You can't expect me to just sit there while my little brother is dying in a hospital," says Morris, and pushes past Milo. Chloe catches up to him, saying that twelve thousand people are dead, and that it'll be a lot more if Fayed finds an engineer. Morris is nearly in tears. He hits on the idea of having Chloe finish the project, which she agrees she can do, but it'll take her a half hour to get up to speed on what he's already done. She begs him to stay and do his job. His chin quivering, he lets out a shaky breath and agrees. And nobody even had to tell him it's what his brother would want.

From Graem's house, Kiefer's on the phone with Buchanan, who reports that the search of Graem's hard drives came up empty. However, they still have that NSA data stream saying that Fayed's expecting a new engineer within the hour. Kiefer realizes that gives him a forty-five-minute timeline before there's another operational rogue nuke in town, and hangs up.

Kiefer goes into the room where Burke's getting ready to "interrogate" Graem, and tells his brother what he's just learned. "Then you're wasting time talking to me, Jack," Graem tries. Kiefer says that the machine knows Graem's holding something back. At this moment, Dad is just allowed to wander into the house's foyer, where another agent is monitoring the interrogation on live video and not appearing to notice or care that a freakishly tall sexagenarian is looming behind him. Kiefer removes Graem's glasses, unlike last time when he just socked his brother right in the frames. Setting the specs carefully on a coffee table, Kiefer tells Graem that Burke's preparing a solution of hyocene pentothal. ("Concentrated owie-juice" to you and me.) Kiefer asks one more time about McCarthy, and Graem once more pleads ignorance. "Two cc's," Kiefer tells Burke. Burke injects some of the drug into the IV tube leading into Graem's arm. Kiefer turns away to hide how much this is bothering him. Apparently a nice, sterile syringe is much more troublesome than a poke in the snoot and a plastic bag over the head. But then it gets noisier, because a moment later, Graem is bellowing in agony. Dad watches the live video from the foyer, almost horrified enough to say something. Kiefer goes to his brother and wraps his arms around his head, trying to comfort him through it, even as he's still threatening him with more suffering. It's so fucking twisted. Kiefer says that seven cc's of owie-juice will induce "pain [he] can't even describe," and that eight cc's may cause a heart attack. "Make no mistake about it," he warns, "I will go there if I have to." He begs Graem to talk, saying that he doesn't want to hurt him. "You sure about that, Jack?" Graem grunts. Kiefer repeats his question, and when no response is forthcoming, Kiefer orders another two cc's. He holds Graem's head through the next wave of pain, encouraging him to breathe and still demanding to know how to find McCarthy at the same time. Graem's still not talking, so Kiefer lets him go and orders another four cc's. Burke says that it's too dangerous, but Kiefer insists. They're going to have trouble laughing about this for quite a few Thanksgivings, I suspect.

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