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That'll Do, Pig

When the four cc's hit Graem's system, he finally cracks, sobbing, "It has nothing to do with McCarthy. It has to do with Palmer." Kiefer asks if he means David Palmer. "I gave the order for his assassination," Graem pants. "And Agent Tony Almeida and Agent Michelle Dessler. Your coworkers: they're all dead because of me. I arranged it. I set the timetable. I paid off the killers, I even lured you out of hiding to take the fall." We knew all this, of course, but it's weird hearing Graem say it out loud. I'd half convinced myself that Season 5 Graham and Season 6 Graem were two different characters. Kiefer's about to cry himself. His face is twisted in horror and misery, and he drops into a chair, barely checking to make sure there's one behind him to catch his ass. "Today wasn't the first time I tried to have you killed, Jack," says Graem. Kiefer asks why -- not angry, just confused and sorrowful -- and here's where Graem loses him: "Because I love my country! And in the real world, sometimes you have to do things, terrible things, even unforgivable things for the sake of your country. But you know all about that, don't you, brother? We're the same!" Kiefer jumps out of his chair in a rage and pushes his brother's chair onto its back, roaring, "We are not the same!" He draws his weapon and sticks it in Graem's face. He tells Burke to deliver four more cc's. Burke refuses, and Kiefer points the gun at Burke, and then returns to his brother. Burke calls for help on his walkie talkie, but the first agent in the door has to face Kiefer's gun and his insane screaming. The agent drops the gun, and Kiefer tells Graem, "You're gonna die!" But before he pulls the trigger, Dad casually saunters into view in the doorway and fixes Kiefer with a paternal glower. Kiefer pulls his shit together and tells Burke to shut down the IV. Burke complies, and Dad wanders away from the doorway, his work done. Kiefer follows him out of the room, leaving his coworkers to pick up his brother's chair. Upright again, Graem looks shaky, and not a little pissed. That was one intense scene. It's 12:36:06.

12:40:33. Walid's in a hospital bed, bandaged and dressed in scrubs, Sandra at his side. "I'm ashamed," he says. Because he went down like a bitch? No, he means he's ashamed for spying on innocent people. He says he thought he was doing the right thing, but that he was wrong. Sandra says that he did the only thing he could: "You're the bravest, most principled man I've ever known." But before she can continue in that vein, her cell phone rings. Can't let it go to voicemail when your boyfriend's in a hospital bed you helped put him in, after all, so she tells Walid to get some rest and goes out into the hallway to take the call.

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