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That'll Do, Pig

It's Wayne, calling from the White House Bunker to express his sympathies over Walid. He heard Walid was working undercover, and Sandra tells him that there was no plot and no conspiracy. She lectures her brother, "Wayne, you are detaining without due process the people whose help you need the most." Funny she should mention that. Wayne picks up the folder Tom left on his desk. Sandra says that Wayne can't expect people to help if they don't have any legal protection. "I'm scared," she adds, apropos of nothing. Wayne promises her that everything's going to be all right.

At CTU, Milo checks on Morris, who just finished running his salvage program, but the image is still pretty scrambled. Maybe it's like one of those old "Magic Eye" pictures. I never could get those things. Morris starts to download some unlicensed software onto his system to boost the process. When Milo worries that it might corrupt the file (if not the entire CTU network), Morris assures him, "I know these guys. They write really good code when they're not serving time." I never get tired of these references to the shady past of a highly-clearanced operative in a historically mole-prone government facility.

Across the floor, Buchanan is on the phone with Kiefer, who's telling him everything he learned from Graem. "Unbelievable...incredible," Buchanan says, echoing the last three weeks of forum posts ever since we learned Kiefer and Graem were brothers in the first place. You know who looks a lot more like Graem's brother than Kiefer does? Ron Howard. Wouldn't that be a different show? Kiefer's looking totally wrung out as he sits on a low wall on Graem's front porch, telling Buchanan that as much of a bombshell as Graem's revelations were, they don't really help with finding the nukes. Speaking of which, Kiefer asks how they're doing on that NSA data stream clue, and Buchanan says that Morris is still working on resolving the image. Kiefer says that he wants Graem taken to CTU when he's ready to move, and Buchanan says that he's sending a chopper to pick up Kiefer at a nearby middle school. I assume that the chopper will bring Kiefer back to CTU, but maybe Buchanan figures Kiefer's finally earned a little vacation and is having him flown to Catalina for the afternoon. We'll have to wait and see, I supposed.

Kiefer hangs up and sits there looking sad some more. Finally, at 12:43:53, he gets up and reenters the house. From the entryway, he can see one room where Graem's still restrained in his chair with his back to him, and the living room, where Dad is sulking on the couch, a hand to his forehead. Kiefer goes to the latter and quietly says that Dad's not responsible for Graem's choices. Dad tells Kiefer, "You deserved a better family. Jack. Not this. Not us. I can just imagine what you must be feeling. All that time lost. What I wouldn't give to have some of it back." Kiefer feels that. For now, at least. Burke comes in to say that Graem's been stabilized and will be ready to move in ten minutes. Kiefer asks his dad to go to CTU. "I need a few minutes," his dad replies. The camera zooms in on Kiefer's suspicious look, but he swallows it and quickly agrees. As for him, he's got to go meet his helicopter. He gets up and leaves his dad sitting there thinking. It's 12:46:05.

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