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Die Hard At CTU
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Josh Bauer gets a freeze-frame in this week's previouslies. You know that there's no way this can possibly be good for Josh Bauer. Same for Lisa Miller. Strangely, Audrey gets one as well, and she's not even in the episode.

When the episode starts, Kiefer continues to sit in his holding room, a gobsmacked expression still on his face in reaction to the mean thing Heller said to him at the end of the last hour. Or maybe he looks like that because in the past two and a half minutes, a large metal table has somehow appeared in the middle of the room, right in front of his chair. Nadia enters, along with two uniformed security guards, to tell him that Heller and Audrey just left. Kiefer stands up and starts pacing around the table as Nadia adds that Heller told her to "reiterate" his demand that Kiefer stay away from Audrey, and that Heller plans to get a restraining order. Kiefer asks whether Audrey's clue panned out, and Nadia tells him about the lead to the copper refinery, and why they think Cheng might be there, and that Doyle's heading there shortly. Of course, Kiefer wants to go along. He never can stand to be left behind on anything. Nadia reminds him that he's still under arrest, and Kiefer argues that the mission needs him, because he knows Cheng better than anyone. Nadia points out that Kiefer disobeyed a presidential order, which is, of course, how Cheng got the component in the first place. Exactly Kiefer's point: "I caused this mess. Let me clean it up." Nadia accuses him of just wanting revenge, and Kiefer readily admits that too. After softening her up with all of this verbal judo, Kiefer begs Nadia to let him keep his word to Wayne. Nadia thinks it over, and says she can't. Whoa, I wasn't expecting that. Nadia has Velvet-resistant superpowers. Kiefer backs off from the argument, but then he starts to cut appraising looks at the guards in the room, like he's going to be allowed to join the mission if he can just get past a couple of guys in neckties. Nadia warns him not to even think about it, or she'll have him restrained. So Kiefer just slowly walks back around the table and sits in his chair. He pathetically offers to help from CTU by running Tactical on the operation. Nadia says that Division is sending over a section chief to take over, and that she'll take it up with whomever that ends up being. "Okay, thanks," Kiefer mutters, defeated, knowing that Nadia was his best chance. Did anyone ever bother to tell him that Buchanan got fired, or does Kiefer just know it the way he knows everything else? Nadia leaves the room, followed by the guards. I notice that the smarter one had his stun gun in his hand the whole time. That's how I know he's the smarter one.

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