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This episode's previouslies are unusual in that they include scenes from not just the one previous episode but the one before that as well. Also, they include Fayed telling Morris, "You will do it. The question is how much pain will be inflicted on you before you comply." Which never happened. But then, they don't have an audio clip of Kiefer saying, "Never, on 24."

Fayed's still in a helicopter, flying low over L.A. The chopper sets down in some wide-open industrial-utility space I don't recognize. The red van from earlier in the season is also there, as well as a panel truck. As Fayed's henchmen offload the three remaining suitcase nukes from the van to the truck, Fayed makes a cell phone call. A scraggly, bearded old Russian answers. Fayed gives the Russian the good news that he now has a functioning NukeBoy, and the bad news that they're down to three nukes because he needed to cover his escape. The scraggly Russian guy complains that the original plan is for "five nuclear detonations at five high-priority targets." But now that's 40% in the crapper. "More than enough for our needs, Gredenko," Fayed assures him. Wait, so Dmitri Gredenko, the Russian ex-general who delivered the nukes to Graem and Dad's company, is in cahoots with Fayed? Okay, whatever. It just seems to me like if the Russian liaison wanted Fayed to have the nukes, and the American decommissioning company wanted Fayed to have the nukes, and Fayed wanted Fayed to have the nukes, maybe they could have figured out a way to secure more than one engineer who knew how to arm them. But you know what? We're moving on. Fayed reminds him that it's Gredenko's job to make sure "the delivery system arrives on schedule." Gredenko tells Fayed, "The trucks have left Nevada and they'll reach the location within two hours." They're going to put the nukes on reverse-engineered flying saucers from Area 51? Awesome! Fayed tells Gredenko to use that time to reprogram the targeting software, and they hang up, both men totally exhausted from keeping the conversation too oblique to give anything away ahead of time. Fayed gets into the truck with the nukes (and God knows what else) in it, and the red van drives off.

So while a terrorist is running around with nukes, CTU is responding decisively, with an hourly briefing. Buchanan, running the meeting, says that the FAA couldn't track Fayed's chopper (of course not, because with all civilian air traffic grounded, they sent everyone home, right?), but they assume that he landed outside the perimeter. As if it matters. However, they do have one lead: Milo was able to pull an email fragment off of a laptop recovered at Fayed's apartment. The email appears to be from Gredenko. Milo reminds us how Gredenko has fit into the story so far, although Nadia realizes this means that Gredenko is more involved than we thought. As for why Gredenko would help Fayed, Buchanan explains that Gredenko is "an ultranationalist. His desire to harm this country, economically and otherwise, is in sync with Fayed's." Well, then, what better gent for the Russian government to put in charge of transporting nukes to the U.S.? This raises the question of where Gredenko is now. Interpol has reported that he's not in Moscow like he's supposed to be, plus the email fragment looks like it was sent from inside the Pacific time zone. Buchanan dispatches Chloe to find out how Gredenko got in the country. Hey, has it even occurred to you that he might be in the Yukon? Chauvinists.

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