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Things are relatively calm on the CTU floor, where Zhao still has the hostages gathered. Milo is still dead. Morris suddenly gets the idea to cover Milo's face with a jacket. He looks a bit embarrassed that the writer of the previous episode never thought to have him do that. In response to some invisible, unheard, and unknown cue, Zhou reports to Cheng over his earpiece that he's sending Josh through to him now. Marilyn, predictably, freaks the fuck out. She's screaming, Josh is being dragged away, and Kiefer is yelling Marilyn's name to try to chill her out. All that happens is that he gets rifle-clubbed to the ground for his trouble. Nadia steps up in defense of Marilyn, and gets decked herself. Marilyn's about to take a rifle butt to the face herself, until Kiefer offers to help calm Marilyn down. Zhou points his gun at Kiefer and tells him to do it, for which Kiefer thanks him. He's a lot more polite when other people have all the guns. Zhou then announces to the group that they're all going to be moved to another room, after which he and his men leave. He promises that nobody will be hurt if they obey. These guys sure got a lot more non-violent after they killed Milo just for supposedly being in charge.

Meanwhile, some of Zhao's men are hustling Josh back through the CTU building to their entry point from the sewer. Moments later, he's being led through the sewers to Cheng's hideout. I notice that although Josh had his CTU visitor's badge hanging from a string around his neck during the whole last hour, he now has it clipped to the front of his sweater instead. So whatever else happens, at least he'll have his credentials.

Zhou sends the first of two groups of CTU hostages down the hallway to the holding rooms. Nobody we know is in this group. While still holding on to Marilyn, Kiefer tells her to make sure she's at the front of their group. At first I think this is so he can be as far away from her as possible, but it will soon turn out that he's got her safety in mind. When Zhou orders the second group to their feet, Kiefer orders Marilyn on ahead. Then he has a whispered conversation with Nadia to the effect that if they let the commandos lock them up, they'll never get the component. Is she, as they say, "in"? He warns her that they might not all survive what he's got planned, and she says she understands. The group starts moving, with Kiefer and Nadia near the back. As they approach the hallway, Kiefer tells her to take out the first guy on the left as soon as Kiefer makes his move. This is convenient, because Nadia is walking at Kiefer's left, and having to lunge in front of him might have proved awkward at a critical moment. Even now, Chloe's nosiness is irrepressible, as she catches up to them and whispers, "What are you guys talking about?" Kiefer tells her to keep going. This is no girls allowed, except of course for the acting boss. Just to drive that home, he adds, "Morris, stay alert," which is the first thing he's said to Chloe's ex since the whole "I armed the nukes" debacle and Kiefer's pissy reaction thereto. Maybe they should talk things out first?

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