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Daddy Issues
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Kiefer must be slowing down, because it took him the entire length of the previouslies to reach the burning SWAT van where Milo and Marilyn abandoned it. By the time he arrives, nobody's there. Walking around the vehicle so that he can watch it burn from several different angles, Kiefer whips out his cell phone to call Buchanan. He reports that they got ambushed; the house was wired to blow, and now half his team is dead. He wants Buchanan to send medical assistance to the decoy address, in order to patch up the other half, and adds, "Bill, they knew we were coming." You think? But he thinks it's Gredenko who laid the trap, so he's only half right. He says that right now he has to find Marilyn and Milo, because he figures bad guys are chasing them. Buchanan promises to have a team there in ten minutes. Kiefer finds Milo's dropped PDA, figures that's the direction they're headed, and dashes off in pursuit. Milo will certainly be relieved to get that PDA back.

For now, though, Kiefer's got other things on his mind. A few blocks away, Milo and Marilyn are fleeing on foot through an industrial area. Who the hell did the zoning in the 24-verse, anyway? They just drove through a playground five minutes ago, and now they've run to where they're surrounded by warehouses and loading docks. And I'm not even done bitching about zoning this week. Milo's practically dragging Marilyn along, since she's ready to drop in exhaustion. That makes sense; Milo's a computer technician, whereas Marilyn's just a wimpy girl. With the three remaining bad guys only one corner behind them, Marilyn and Milo hit a dead end. Milo leads Marilyn to a hiding place behind a pair of Dumpsters. The bad guys catch up and start ranging around the area looking for them. The lead bad guy -- a bearded fellow named Hacker -- takes advantage of this lull in the chase to report in to Dad.

Dad's still with Josh, and they're in a very nice hotel suite indeed. This must be why Dad's so keen to protect his company; if his revenue stream dries up, he'll be hanging in squalid little chain hotels with numbers in their names. Josh is watching news reports of the nuclear explosion's aftermath on a gigundous plasma screen when Dad goes to answer his cell phone. Ducking into the bathroom for some privacy, Dad hears Hacker say, "We took out the CTU team." "So is my son dead?" asks Dad. Hacker says that he is. Dad closes his eyes sadly, and then mutters, "Had to be done." Remarkable equanimity for a guy who went from having two sons to being childless in one afternoon. Hacker also reports that they don't have Marilyn yet, but that they're in pursuit. He doesn't expect it to be long, since Milo doesn't look to him like a field agent. Or drive like one, obviously. Dad wants to be sure they take Marilyn alive, because he needs her if he's going to find Gredenko. Hacker acknowledges this and hangs up, and then glances over at the Dumpsters hiding Marilyn and Milo at 3:05:12. He knows where they are, but he plays it cool. He calls his sidekicks over.

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