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Small Consulation
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Post-explosion, a very bloody Wayne is being rushed on a gurney to the White House Bunker's operating room, a completely sterile environment that's protected from the outside hallway by a single pair of loosely swinging doors. Good to know Wayne's in a secure place. Actually, I shouldn't complain. I'm sure it's a lot safer than the CTU clinic.

At Not Camp David, Kiefer leads Logan to the motorcade waiting to take them to the Russian Consulate in L.A. There's a limo and everything, and it doesn't even have "Department of Corrections" stamped on the side. Kiefer and Logan both look sharp in their suits, although Logan hasn't shaved. Before they get in the car, Kiefer wants to set some ground rules, which are that Logan doesn't do anything without being told. Logan assures Kiefer that he knows his role, and that he just wants to help. Kiefer growls that Logan can never do anything to undo his previous misdeeds. Logan gets that. "But if you want to find Gredenko," he says -- and there's a long pause while I wait for him to give Kiefer some touchy-feely little speech -- "we should leave now." Even Kiefer can't argue with that, as much as he might want to, and they get in the back of the limo together. As they ride out of Not Camp David in the back seat, Logan starts talking about how he hasn't left Not Camp David in over a year. To his credit, he realizes that Kiefer has a little experience of his own with incarceration, but it doesn't stop Logan from nattering on about how the loneliness and the silence messes with your head. Kiefer looks like he'd appreciate a little demonstration of that silence right about now, but Logan goes on about how it gives you a chance to listen to the voice of your own deepest self, which can help you heal. Whatever. This jailhouse conversion of Logan's reminds me of nothing so much as George Bluth Sr.

Fortunately, Kiefer's rescued from this conversation when his cell phone rings with Buchanan on the other end, relaying word that somebody just blew up Wayne. "My God," Kiefer breathes, quickly earning him Logan's attention. Buchanan explains that they don't have many details yet, but that the Secret Service suspects Assad of smuggling a bomb into the White House Bunker. Like Assad hasn't been in federal custody almost the entire day, including Kiefer's and Buchanan's. Kiefer doesn't think his boyfriend would do something like that, but as Buchanan puts it, Assad is dead, so it doesn't matter at this point anyway. Ouch. Well, on the bright side, at least Kiefer bought Assad another eight hours of life by killing one of his few surviving friends. "Which means you're following our only live lead," Buchanan adds, like this is news. It wouldn't be 24 if he weren't. Kiefer signs off, and tells Logan what just happened. Logan stares ahead of himself in shock, wondering why he's the only president on this show that nobody ever took a shot at.

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