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Husbands And Wives
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Now that Logan's bit at the Consulate is finished, they've brought him back to CTU instead of Not Camp David, for some reason. As he's paraded across the floor with an escort of uniformed CTU guards and plainclothes agents, everyone at CTU gawps at him, as they do. It must be so hard for these people to concentrate on fighting terrorism with people coming in and out all the time and forcing them to drop everything they're doing so that they can rubberneck. Logan's led into an interrogation room and locked inside, alone. At the same time, Chloe folds up her laptop and carries it back there. She tells the guards posted outside that she has to "set the transcript codes for the debrief," which is a pretty weak bit of technobabble just to get her in a room with Logan for the first time. He asks who she is, and he says she's "just Chloe O'Brian." They go back and forth in order to provide a little exposition about how Kiefer's still being held in the Russian Consulate. Logan demands to talk to Buchanan right away, and that old Logan sense of entitlement (Logantitlement, I like to call it) reappears once more: "Does he know that I'm all alone here in a holding cell?" Chloe points out that it's not a cell, and the cameras in the ceiling mean he's hardly alone. In any case, it's standard procedure for someone under house arrest to get stuck back here. Logan looks like he's about to take offense, but Chloe says, "Sorry, I'm feeling ambivalent. I'm gonna go." Heh. She does, and Logan totally checks out her ambivalence as she walks out, thinking he wouldn't mind feeling that himself. Wow, I just grossed myself out. I need a moment.

Buchanan enters a meeting in the Situation Room, where Ricky Schroder is standing at the head of the table, looking pale and craggy and still rocking that haircut of his that he first made famous in The Champ. Buchanan introduces him as Mike Doyle, their new head of Field Ops from Fort Bragg. Buchanan exposits that Kiefer's being held inside the Consulate, and that Doyle's going to put together a plan for an assault. From the side of the room, a suddenly-reappearing Milo wonders why they're talking about committing an act of war just to free Kiefer (who saved Milo's life about three hours ago. I'm just saying). Doyle points out that their main objective is not to rescue Kiefer, but to get Markov, and Buchanan says that the final decision is up to the Veep anyway. Chloe comes in to say that Logan's waiting for Buchanan, and the boss heads out. Doyle starts giving out orders, and Milo steps up to say something about how they normally do things differently. "I don't care what you normally do, Pressman," Doyle snaps just as bitchily as he possibly can, and says he wasn't talking to Milo anyway. Milo says he was just thinking that maybe Doyle wouldn't be the jerk he was back in Denver, but clearly he is. "That's right, just like Denver," Doyle responds. Apparently, this is some kind of burn, because it shuts Milo up. Not that that's a bad thing. Doyle leaves everyone to his or her work as yet another forty-five-second meeting breaks up. Nadia apparently got the hint that Milo and Doyle know each other from before. "I don't like him very much," Milo understates. Nadia asks if Doyle knows what he's doing, and Milo says Doyle does. Damn, that means it's going to take him a while to die.

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