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The Odd Couple
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During the previouslies, Abu Fayed has apparently realized that Kiefer escaped into the sewer, so now he's leading his tech guy and another henchman on a chase through the ankle-deep sludge. The tech guy wants to give up the search: "We aren't here to kill one American. We're here to kill thousands." Hey, that sounds major. Even though Fayed is reluctant to let Kiefer go knowing the truth, the tech guy says that Kiefer won't have time to warn CTU until too late anyway. We've heard that before, but Fayed hasn't, so he agrees to move on to the next stage. Maybe next time he won't schedule a revenge torturing session for the same day as a wave or terror bombings. He'd be even more pissed if he knew that Kiefer is hiding right around the next corner of the tunnel. Fayed and his henchman turn back, and Kiefer's free to make it to the surface, and daylight, which he does presently.

At CTU, Chloe is slowly shuffling CD-ROM cases, staring dead-eyed into the middle distance. Across the floor, Morris is watching her with half his attention while using the other half to tell Milo that the infrared satellite isn't picking up any heat signatures from the location Fayed gave for Assad, because the place is shielded. They wonder if there's anyone inside at all, let alone Assad. Chloe just happens to get up and walk past as Milo sadly remarks, "If Fayed lied to us, then Jack bought the farm for nothing." "Shut up, Milo," Chloe tells him, and storms off. Not unkindly, Morris explains that Kiefer was a friend of Chloe's, suggesting to Milo, "You might want to attenuate your thoughtless remarks once in a while." To his credit, Milo actually seems to feel bad. Teach him not to attenuate. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out the employment timeline on these two. At first, I was wondering if maybe Milo's been at CTU all along, and Seasons 2 through 5 just happened to coincide with his days off. Morris remembers when Milo was an analyst, but maybe that was years ago, before they both left. And of course Chloe's relationship to Kiefer wouldn't be news to Milo if he had been working with her all this time. Whatever; once again, I'm thinking about this more than the writers do, and I promised myself I wasn't going to do that as much this season.

Kiefer breaks into a car parked in a garage. Although the vehicle appears to be a twenty-five-year-old Delta 88 or something, there is a cell phone clipped to the dashboard. ["That can happen; cars do live forever in the favourable climate of Los Angeles." -- Wing Chun] Kiefer takes it in his crusty yellow right hand and starts dialing.

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