Day 6: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

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The Odd Couple

Meanwhile, the Handler parks his car in the red zone outside Union Station. Assad parks about half a block behind him, the only other car by the curb. They sit and wait and watch. After only a few seconds, the Handler calls Fayed.

It's 7:57:15 as Fayed watches a TV report of an explosion, in Baltimore's largest shopping mall, that apparently also just occurred. When the Handler tells him that there hasn't been an explosion at Union Station, just a cloud of smoke four blocks west, Fayed tells him not to worry; the other attacks worked. I'm sure that will be a great comfort to the suicide bomber.

At CTU, word of said attacks is just coming in. Milo reports to Buchanan that there have just been three simultaneous explosions, including a Baltimore mall and a Chicago hotel, both of which are expected to have high casualties. Duh, that's because those cities don't have Kiefers. Milo breaks the news that the third attack was here in L.A., on the subway. Nadia arrives with word that it sounds like nobody but the suicide bomber was killed: "A Metro Rail employee claims a passenger ejected the bomber before he could set off his vest. Passenger identified himself as Jack Bauer." As if they didn't already know. Buchanan orders Morris to pull up video from the train to prove that Kiefer was on board: "I want visual confirmation before I speak to the President." Chloe calls Buchanan over, because she's nabbed a relevant cell-phone call that the NSA red-tagged. Gosh, I remember a couple of years ago, I scoffed at that very possibility. How naïve we all were. Anyway, Chloe plays the call back for Buchanan, and he hears the Handler talking to Fayed. "We need to contact the White House," says Chloe.

Wayne and Tom have the Oval Office TV tuned to a report on the Chicago hotel bombing, which apparently involved a car bomb that "sent bodies hurtling out of windows from as high as the twentieth floor." Well, that's what the hotel gets for letting guests bring their cars up to their rooms. Tom points out that these attacks were planned long before the raid on Assad, but that doesn't make Wayne feel any better, because it only means that there will be more of them. Karen comes in, red-faced, to tell them about the phone call CTU just intercepted. "Fayed is the one behind these attacks," she confesses. "Not Assad." Karen tries to take the blame for the screw-up, but Wayne says that they were all in agreement. Tom hopes nobody looks at him. Nobody points out that the decision was based on intelligence from Karen's people in the first place. I hate to say it, but Wayne could probably stand to "Logan up" a little. "So Jack was right," he says instead. "He was right all along." Drink! "This is going to get much worse," Wayne intones, and goes into a splitscreen window. In other windows, Walid and Sandra are being loaded into an FBI car outside their office, because it took the black agent this whole time to get all of the hard drives into the trunk; Tom stands there purse-lipped; and Assad continues to follow Fayed's handler. He dials his cell phone.

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