Day 6: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

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The Odd Couple

Looks like Fayed and Kiefer exchanged numbers before they split up, because as Kiefer emerges into an alleyway, he takes Assad's call and asks if he's still following the Handler. Assad says that he is, two blocks from Union Station and heading in Kiefer's direction. "Copy that," says Kiefer. "I'll find you. Just stay with the Handler. He's our only connection to Fayed." Well, as far as Kiefer knows, anyway. It's 8:00:00.

By the way, this episode is dedicated to the memory of Major Gerald "Beav" Bloomfield and Captain Michael "Martini" Martino, whose Marine helicopter was shot down on November 2, 2005. This makes the second such dedication in two years. I'd just rather not have Marine helicopters on the show at all if it means that there has to be a dead actual pilot to dedicate the episode to. Use CGI and save the pilots, is what I say.

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