Day 6: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

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The Odd Couple

Buchanan, still on the line with Kiefer, asks Kiefer's location so that they can send someone to pick him up. Kiefer insists that the bombing is a mistake, but Buchanan says that they'll do what they can back at CTU. "That'll be too late," Kiefer growls, and hangs up. Does it count as going rogue if he's not a CTU employee? And how many times have I had occasion to ask that question? On his stolen cell phone, Kiefer punches in the latitude and longitude coordinates he heard Fayed give CTU, and is quickly rewarded with a map to a spot near the 405 freeway. Good thing he didn't steal my cell phone, which would have spit those coordinates right back out, all, "What the fuck are you doing? Look at me! Do I look like I know what to do with that?" Kiefer punches the garage-door remote on the car's sun visor and hits the streets at 7:08:06.

Ahmed, the teenage suburban sleeper terrorist, is still hanging out with his neighbors, the Wallaces, across the street. Dad is on the phone trying to get some information about where Ahmed's father is being held. Alas, the FBI doesn't intimidate as easily as a burly contractor does. Maybe if Dad were at the FBI field office in person to frighten the agents with his concave chest, twitchy face, and lead-singer-from-Scorpions hair, things would be different, but as it is, he's hit a dead end. Ahmed's own cell phone rings. It's Fayed, calling from his van to ask whether Ahmed has the package yet. Ahmed tells Fayed that he's still at the neighbors', and Fayed realizes that Ahmed isn't free to talk. Ahmed is, however, free to get an earful about how Fayed chose Ahmed for this job, and that he'd better get it done. Ahmed agrees, hangs up, and tells his temporary hosts that he has to go home to meet his uncle. The Wallaces are reluctant to let him go -- especially Scott, who stops him on the front step and blathers at him all damp-eyed about how the world's gone crazy. "It's been crazy for a long time," Ahmed says darkly. "We just haven't been paying attention." Completely missing this cue, Scott tries to give Ahmed his good-luck medallion. Ahmed's moved by the gesture, but says he can't take it, telling Scott, "You might need it yourself someday." Or maybe even in two and a half hours. Ahmed leaves Scott standing there, looking as sad as if he just got dumped.

CTU is monitoring the real-time progress of the attack helicopters, as are the folks in the Oval Office, who are also on an open phone line to the CTU Situation Room. I can't help thinking that Wayne and his staff should be watching this in the White House Situation Room, but I suppose that hanging a giant video screen on the wall of the Oval Office set is cheaper than building a separate Situation Room set. Nadia reports that the choppers will reach their target in five minutes, and Buchanan says that Curtis will lead a team into the wreckage immediately afterward to start sifting through the smoldering femurs and shit. It's 7:10:43, and they don't have much to do now but watch.

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