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The Odd Couple

Kiefer arrives Chez Assad, hops out of his stolen car, and runs toward the house. Meanwhile, the chopper pilots announce that they're three minutes and fifty seconds out.

Kiefer makes his way into the barren backyard of Assad's house, crouching low behind the garbage bins. A guard walking through fails to spot him. Kiefer notices a pile of firewood nearby, and just like that, he has a plan. He taps on the garbage bin he's hiding behind, and when the guard comes to investigate, Kiefer jumps out behind him and clubs him unconscious with a log. He takes the guard's gun out of the back of his waistband (good thing the guy fell face-down) and heads for the house, weapon at the ready. He takes up a position near the back door and peeks inside. Several swarthy guys are in there, unsuspectingly going about their business. There are computers set up everywhere in the main room, making the place look like a LAN party with spreadsheets. Staying out if sight, Kiefer watches. Kiefer, this is no way to outrun an air strike. You of all people should know that.

As if to underline that point, we see the Oval Office crowd again watching the choppers' approach, both on radar and cockpit-cam. Only two and a half minutes left.

One of Assad's men comes out of the house with a mug in his hand, only to find Kiefer's gun at his neck. "Drop the coffee," Kiefer orders, in a tone that says a faceful of joe is as much to be avoided as a slug in the head. The coffee-drinker obeys. Kiefer marches the guy back into the house at gunpoint, and then lets him go so that he can threaten the other guys in the room as well. He's got the drop on all of them, warning them not to go for their weapons and asking where Assad is. And Assad himself appears from a back room, holding a gun of his own gun on Kiefer. Standoff. Assad's played by Alexander Siddig, whom you may know from Syriana, but to me he'll always be Doctor Bashir from Star Trek: DS9, despite currently being a bit grayish of beard and floppy of hair. Without lowering his own weapon, Kiefer identifies himself, but Assad already knows who Kiefer is. Kiefer quickly says that the house is being targeted in an air strike, insisting, "I need to get you and your men out of here now." Assad sends one of his men out to check the street, and while he's gone, Kiefer says that he's there alone, and that he knows all about Assad's situation with Fayed. Assad's man returns, confirming that no one else is there. Kiefer continues trying to convince Assad, but Assad's henchmen would really like Kiefer to shut up. Kiefer tells Assad that there's a transponder in the house to lead the military there, presumably because the two multimillion-dollar Cobra attack helicopters being flown there by highly trained aviators don't have the same onboard coordinate-pinpointing technology found on Kiefer's stolen cell phone. Assad says that their search of the house came up clean of any transponders, so Kiefer says that it must be on one of Assad's men: "One of your men is working for Fayed." Assad's men, of course, deny this strongly. Kiefer argues, "If I wanted to kill you, I would have come in shooting. Have your men empty their pockets!" To prove his goodwill (because his tone of voice sure isn't accomplishing that), Kiefer puts down his gun on the nearest desk. One of Assad's henchmen grabs a gun to shoot Kiefer, but Assad stops him and tells his men to empty their pockets. They loudly protest -- all except for the one younger guy who tries to sneak out behind Assad. Kiefer calls this gentleman out, and Assad turns his gun on his own man. Sure enough, when the other men search the guy, they find a small transponder in his pocket. Quick! Put it in the mail! "You betrayed us," Assad accuses, and the guy calls Assad the traitor. No time for recriminations; Kiefer points out that they need to leave now, and indeed, they've got less than a minute, by my watch. Kiefer reaches for his stolen gun, but Assad aims at Kiefer again: "If you are telling the truth, you will not need that gun." It clearly pains Kiefer to leave the gun there, but he does so. He could at least try pointing out that, technically, the gun is Assad's and he just wants to carry it for him.

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