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The Odd Couple

Dragging his traitorous henchman along, Assad follows Kiefer out of the house and dashes across the yard, leaving four of his men behind to "secure the files" on their computers. Good luck with that, dudes. Ducking through a gap in the fence, Kiefer spots the approaching helicopters and yells at the men to move. The lead helicopter launches a missile. Kiefer and Assad manage to take cover behind a fence, but Assad's traitor isn't so lucky and is sent flying by the ensuing explosion. Kiefer helps Assad and his wounded sidekick up, and they keep moving.

At CTU, Buchanan looks at the fireball on his monitor and announces, "Mr. President, the target has been destroyed." But I bet those files are totally secure now. It's 7:15:22.

7:19:47. Harry Lennix from the last two Matrix movies and Commander in Chief ["and Stomp The Yard!" -- Wing Chun] is standing in a small cube farm, telling a couple of guys, "We are an advocacy group." The subtitle is a bit more specific, identifying the location as "Islamic-American Alliance, Washington, D.C." Lennix's character here has the name Walid Al-Rezani, and an accent to match. Apparently, he's the head of the organization. One of the guys he's talking to -- who has a wire in his ear and a rather officious manner -- says that they're just looking for a list of names to "cross-check against our watch list." Sounds perfectly above-board, no? Well, no, obviously. Fortunately, someone else in the office has the presence of mind to go notify someone named Sandra (played by Regina King from Ray and, like, nine hundred other things) that the FBI is there to root through the organization's personnel records. From her office, Sandra sees the agents talking to her boss, and hurries out to join the conversation. Just in time, too, because Walid was about to give away the store to the Feds. Sandra intervenes, asking the agents for a warrant. The blond agent admits that they don't have one, and Sandra tells them that they're out of luck, then. Walid just smiles sickly at them, but Sandra stands her ground, and the agents leave empty-handed. Once they've gone, Walid suggests to Sandra that maybe they should cooperate: "We have nothing to hide." Sandra argues that they have an obligation to protect the privacy of everyone who's ever worked there. Walid isn't so sure: "The country's under attack, Sandra. We can't pretend it isn't." But Sandra's already dialing her cell phone. She tells the person at the other end of the line, "Yes, it's Sandra Palmer. I'd like to speak with my brother." Oh, swell, just what we need. Another Palmer.

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