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The Odd Couple

Meanwhile, Curtis has a team sifting through the wreckage of Assad's house. His team includes a person holding a video camera, and through its real-time feed, he informs the Oval Office that they've found four bodies so far and are awaiting IDs. "Let's hope one of them is Assad," Wayne remarks. Yes, I'd say it would be too much to ask that two or three of them be Assad. The phone buzzes in with the news that Wayne's sister is on the line. Tom tries to blow it off, but Wayne says that he'll take the call, and shoos everyone out. He'll regret that. As soon as he's on the line with her, Sandra tattles on the FBI, and Wayne gingerly explains that he needs to give law enforcement the authority to follow every lead. Sandra says that the Feds weren't even following a lead, lecturing, "Once you start ethnic profiling, it's a slippery slope." Wayne says that he'll look into it, but Sandra's too wound up to let it go, so she tries to pin the whole incident on Tom. This is clearly a sore point between them, as Wayne accuses Sandra of never having liked Tom in the first place. "Neither did David," Sandra snaps, and Wayne goes quiet. So it's possible to shut Wayne up just by mentioning David's name? That knowledge may come in handy later, but right now I'm just irritated that nobody ever thought to try the reverse. Another call rings in on Wayne's phone; this time it's Buchanan, calling from CTU. Wayne clicks back over to get rid of Sandra, and she apologizes for dumping on him. Their conversation ends on a more familiar and civil note. I'm getting a distinct youngest-child vibe from Wayne, which probably means that the show is going to tell us the opposite in about five episodes. To Walid, who's been standing there the whole time, Sandra says she hopes it worked. "You made a good case and he's a good man," Walid nerds, and kisses her. Clearly their relationship is more than professional. He thanks her for "not letting [him] lose sight of what [they're] fighting for." I have two questions. The first is, considering how unlikely it was for Wayne to have won a presidential election in the first place, how much more unlikely is it now that we know he has a sister who works for an Islamic advocacy group? Let me put it this way: we just sent our first Muslim Senator to represent Minnesota, but during the campaign you wouldn't believe some of the campaign materials we were sent decrying Keith Ellison for his endorsements from CAIR, of which Sandra's organization is almost certainly the fictional version. And my second question is, does Barack Obama have any siblings?

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