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The Odd Couple

It's 7:32:55 at CTU as Chloe takes it upon herself to pull up a satellite frame of Assad's house moments before it was leveled by a missile. Three blurry figures are seen running across the yard, but the blur is no match for CTU's image enhancement software, and sure enough, Chloe zooms right in on Kiefer's face. I'm starting to think that the CTU image-enhancement software just has Kiefer as the default for situations like this. Chloe snatches up her phone and quietly calls Buchanan over to show him what she's found, telling him, "Jack rescued Assad." Buchanan's jaw drops, but he's known Kiefer long enough to recover fairly quickly and figure out what happened and why. Chloe says, "President Palmer and your wife -- I mean Karen Hayes -- think he's wrong, so what am I supposed to do with this?" Buchanan tells Chloe to keep this between the two of them. They realize that Kiefer wants to find Fayed, so the two of them are going to start filtering chatter or whatever to help speed that along. "Good work," Buchanan tells Chloe as he leaves. I guess she's not in trouble anymore.

At Kiefer and Assad's temporary hideout, the latter is making use of his time to go to the window and press the keychain remote he's found inside the house. A miniscule little Echo out by the curb chirps obligingly. "We have a car," Assad announces. Dude, you have a soda can on wheels. Why must you fill your stolen house with lies? Kiefer returns from the bathroom wearing jeans and a long-sleeved gray t-shirt that clearly belongs to somebody smaller than he is. Well, beggars can't be choosers, no matter how amorously the cotton hugs their pecs. In addition, Kiefer must have patched himself up, because there's no blood from his fresh wounds leaking through his new shirt, and there won't be for at least two and a half more hours. Kiefer says that in order to find Fayed in time, they have to involve CTU. Assad shoots that idea right down, protesting, "They will lock me an a room and question me for days!" Okay, how evil can he really be if he's that naïve? Rather than arguing the point, Kiefer notices that the traitorous henchman -- who may or may not be named Omar (the closing credits and IMDb are of little assistance here) -- is coming around. Kiefer stomps over and clamps a hand around Omar's throat, demanding the whereabouts of Fayed. The guy pleads ignorance, even when Kiefer grabs a pen and sticks it into his prisoner's fresh shoulder wound. Omar cries and begs him to stop. And here's something interesting: Kiefer actually backs off. After almost two years as a torture victim himself, he seems to have lost the taste for it. He looks at his weeping victim with something like compassion and even shame. "Why did you stop?" Assad asks. Kiefer lies, "I can see it in his eyes. He's not going to tell us anything." Assad, like everyone else, sees that in Kiefer's eyes, not the henchman's. This has real possibilities. I got bored years ago with watching Kiefer torture people, and I hope this means he's going to have to find new ways to get what he wants. It's just a shame that it took such drastic measures for him to reconsider his ways. Of course, he might just end up "overcoming" this new "weakness" and going back to his old methods, in which case I'll be pissed. Which means I'm expecting to be pissed.

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