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The Odd Couple

As Kiefer goes to peek out the front curtain, Assad finds a knife, walks over, and plunges it up to the hilt into the front of Omar's knee. So Assad hasn't gone completely non-violent. Kiefer jerks his head around to look, startled and even a little horrified at Omar's screaming. Assed asks where Fayed is, and this time Omar says that he knows where some of Fayed's men will be. As Assed twists the knife, Omar tells him it's at Figueroa and 6th. Kiefer hangs back, looking torn up inside. He's got no stomach for this anymore. You can see it through the t-shirt. Satisfied that he's learned everything Omar knows, Assad removes the knife from Omar's knee and sinks it into his gut instead. "I admire your conviction," he says. "But you've taken the wrong path." He closes his eyes and drops the knife, and then turns to Kiefer, who's looking like he's never seen torture before, let alone done it a real lot. Assad says that it's time for them both to go. When Kiefer hesitates, Assad says that he can find Fayed by himself, but that he needs help to stop him. "I don't know how to do this anymore," Kiefer confesses. "You'll remember," Assad assures him. Kiefer looks like he'd really rather not. It's 7:37:02.

During commercials, the former tenants presumably return for another load and are shocked at the bloody scene they find there. "They stole one of my outfits, and the one this dead guy's wearing has a bunch of holes in it!" The fruitless search for the stolen Echo will take much longer, as they will initially assume that it's still there. It's not like it casts much of a shadow or anything.

7:41:24. The FBI is back at the offices of Islamic-American Alliance, and they've already gotten a warrant. That was quick. No, spell-check: I meant "quaint." Sandra tries, at first, to put up a fight, but the Feds get their way and are led to the "media room." While Walid takes them back, Sandra commandeers the nearest computer the moment they're out of sight. I can see where this is going. Walid arrives in the media room, and asks the file clerk for copies of all their personnel files. The clerk takes one look at the guys with suits and wires in their ears and decides, "No problem." Meanwhile, Sandra is typing away on her stolen computer. Screens of file folders pop up and disappear in rapid succession with a satisfying "whoosh" sound. Meanwhile, in the back, the file clerk isn't having any luck pulling up the files, saying, "They're not where they're supposed to be." "Because they've been erased," says Sandra, making her dramatic entrance into the room. The blond Fed tells his black sidekick to confirm it, and when he does, Sandra is under arrest for "obstructing official business and destroying evidence." As a bonus, Walid is arrested, too, over Sandra's protests. Smooth move, there. Once the Feds are alone, the black agent asks the blond one if he's sure about this. The blond one's in no mood, snapping that Sandra gets no special treatment, even if she is the President's sister. "Impound every workstation and hard drive in this office," he orders, and walks out. Sure, make the black guy do the heavy lifting.

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