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Baby The Raines Must Fall
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It's already full dark outside the Russian Consulate, where Russian bodies are being zipped up to be flown home to the motherland because their boss was an asshole. Doyle walks up to where Kiefer's being attended by a medic, and asks how he is. Kiefer does the only thing he ever does when somebody asks him about himself, which is to irritatedly growl, "I'm fine." It's supposed to come of stoic, but it just makes me wish people would stop asking. Doyle asks for the medic's opinion, and is told that Kiefer probably has some rib fragments floating around inside him, causing internal bleeding. Ouch. That might take him out of commission for as long as an hour. Kiefer tells Doyle that he wants to stay on the mission, but Doyle tells him that's too bad, and walks off. Kiefer would probably yell or chase after him if the effort wouldn't catapult one of his lungs out onto the pavement.

Back at CTU, Logan's on the phone bringing the Veep and forgetful viewers up to speed: they know that Gredenko is somewhere in the Shadow Valley, getting ready to launch the nukes on remote-controlled drone aircraft. They've already begun the search, but have no idea how much time they have. Maybe Kiefer could have shared that Markov told him it would be two hours about an hour and a half ago. Never mind! There's no time to talk about the timeline!

In the Shadow Valley, Gredenko's and Fayed's men are working by floodlight. They actually only have one drone ready to launch, so Gredenko announces that they need to launch it now and get the hell out of there. Fayed wants to know what's wrong. Gredenko has to admit that the authorities know where they are, and are on their way. The other two nukes will have to wait until later. Fayed's kind of pissed that Markov spilled the beans, especially considering what a jerk Gredenko was about the two nukes Fayed lost control of earlier. Gredenko says that they can have a slap-fight later, but if they hang out here, they'll be killed or captured. Maybe even both. As Fayed orders his men to start packing up, Gredenko gets on his sat-phone and says that they're moving things ahead. The guy at the other end of the connection is the drone's designated remote-control pilot. As he fiddles with a bank of computers he and a couple other guys have set up in some empty building, he protests over the phone that he hasn't had time to do what he needs to do to keep the drone from getting shot down. Gredenko says that they'll worry about that when the drone is in the air, and orders him to launch now. The pilot sits down at his bank of computers, pulls out a fancy gamer joystick, and does his thing. Fayed and Gredenko watch as their one drone fires up its afterburners and streaks down the airstrip and up into the night. Watching the live feed from the drone's nose camera, the pilot allows himself a small smile. At 7:05:32, the terrorists in the desert head to their vehicles. Don't they have to take the wings back off of the other two drones first to get them to fit inside? Or are they going to strap them to rooftop luggage racks? And if so, won't the added lift reduce their traction to a dangerous degree? Come on, somebody has to think about these things.

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